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Frequently Asked Questions

Show Answer How long can we get funding for?

You must apply for only one year of funding and you must reapply each year. Funding is approved for one year only. Receiving a grant this year does not guarantee you will be successful next year.

Show Answer Is there a limit to how much funding we can request?

There is currently no limit to how much funding an individual applicant may request. Historically, funding granted to individual agencies has ranged between $25,000 and $100,000. Funding decisions are based on the overall number of applications, amount requested by individual applicants and the total Community Partnerships Youth Grants budget allocation.

Show Answer Is there a possibility I will be approved for a lower amount than I requested?

Yes. The annual Community Partnerships Youth Grants budget may require allocating available funding in lesser amounts in order to provide support to more agencies across the province.

Show Answer What can we use the funding for?

You must allocate the funds to client-costs related to your program and/or salaries for staff running the program. We will review your Schedule B to ensure that all funding will be used for supporting the specific program, not to supporting the operation of the entire organization. The Ministry will NOT fund ongoing operational costs, major capital costs, purchase of personal items, or debt reduction.

Show Answer When will we hear if our application was successful?

Applicants will be notified by mail within 3 months of applying.

Show Answer How will we report to Alberta Children’s Services?

If you are successful in receiving a grant, you will be contacted by the Community Programs and Grants Coordinator, who will provide details regarding program and financial reporting requirements.

Show Answer When must the funding be spent?

Funding must be spent before your identified program end date. Any surplus funds will need to be returned to the Minister of Finance and Enterprise by cheque. If you have concerns that you may be unable to spend the funds by the deadline, please contact the Community Programs and Grants Coordinator.

Show Answer What is “proof of filing with corporate registries"?

Proof of filing with corporate registries is a document which confirms the active status of an organization. This is not demonstrated by the certificate of incorporation. Example of a proof of filing with corporate registries.

Show Answer How is “youth” defined in terms of age restrictions for the Community Partnerships Youth Grants?

Programs eligible for a Community Partnerships Youth Grant may provide services to youth up to the age 25. Programs focused on early childhood development are not eligible for a Community Partnerships Youth Grant.

Show Answer Who can I contact for more information about Community Partnerships Youth Grants?

Prevention, Early Intervention and Youth Branch – Community Programs and Grants Coordinator 780-422-2165 (for toll-free access in Alberta, first dial 780-310-0000)

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