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Criteria for Community Partnerships Youth Grants

The application period for 2018-2019 funding is now closed.

  • The project provides mentoring opportunities for youth at risk in Alberta and/or youth who are or have been in the care of Alberta Children’s Services.
  • The project addresses a demonstrated need or gap in the community.
  • There is evidence-based support or evidence of best practice for the project design or approach.
  • The project integrates the effective practices for mentoring as appropriate to the project design or approach. For term definitions and more information on the elements of effective mentoring, please visit the About Mentoring page.
  • The project aligns with at least one (more if appropriate) of the following outcomes:
    • Families are supported to provide a safe and healthy environment for children and youth.
    • Children and youth in need of child intervention are supported in order to achieve safety and well-being.
    • Greater collaboration between government, communities and Indigenous partners strengthens services and achieves shared social outcomes
  • The project activities/strategies outlined in the Schedule A are clearly stated and relevant to the project outcomes.
  • The targets/performance measures outlined in the Schedule A are clearly stated, measurable and relevant to the project outcomes.
  • The potential risks to fulfilling the deliverables of the grant are clearly stated.
  • The mitigation strategies for the potential risks to fulfilling the deliverables of the grant are clearly stated and appropriate.
  • The project budget outlined in the Schedule B is realistic and appropriate. NOTE: Funding may not be allocated to operating costs for the organization, debt reduction or purchase of capital assets, personal items or gifts.
  • The project is supported by at least one additional community partner, as demonstrated by a letter of support from a partnering organization or community group.
  • Organizations applying for a grant must be registered with Corporate Registries. For more information regarding proof of filing with corporate registries, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Organizations must insure their operations under a contract of general liability insurance, in accordance with Alberta’s Insurance Act, in an amount not less than $2,000,000.00 inclusive per occurrence. They must insure against bodily injury, personal injury and property damage, including loss of use thereof.

Approved grant funding must only be used for the purposes approved by the Minister, based on the Schedule A and Schedule B. Grant funds not used for the purposes for which they were provided within the approved timeframe must be returned to the Ministry.

Grant recipients will be required to submit final narrative and financial reporting summarizing the project. Grant recipients may also be required to provide an audited financial statement for any grant exceeding $100,000 upon completion of the grant. The Minister may request that an evaluation or audit of the project be conducted.

Grant recipients must ensure that all personnel involved with the project are suitably qualified to provide the services.

Regarding any communication to the public about the project, the grant recipient must acknowledge the contribution by Alberta Children’s Services. Consult the Ministry Communications Branch 780 427 4801 prior to any communication activities.

Based on available funding and an anticipated large volume of applications, not all applications meeting the established criteria may be funded. Successful applicants may not receive the full grant amount requested.

Modified: 2018-03-22
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