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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to this section if you have general questions about the bursary or are having trouble completing the Advancing Futures bursary application form.

Show Answer Where does the funding for the Advancing Futures bursary come from?

The Government of Alberta, Children’s Services invests in the futures of children and youth in the province. By funding the Advancing Futures bursary, the Government of Alberta ensures that youth have opportunities to pursue their dreams and achieve their educational goals.

Show Answer How old do you have to be to apply for the bursary?

Applicants must be between 18 and 24 years old at the time they apply to Advancing Futures. Recipients can receive up to 60 months of funding to meet their educational goals.

Show Answer How do I calculate my school expenses?

It is important to determine what your educational expenses will be. A breakdown of costs is available from the Registrar or Student Services Office at your school. Bursary students may be covered for up to $40,000 (in total) towards their education.

Show Answer What does the Fixed Monthly Living Allowance include?

The Fixed Monthly Living Allowance is meant to cover the cost of rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, telephone, clothing, and personal hygiene products. If you have special circumstances that require extra monthly funding, please submit a letter outlining your needs. Special expenses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Show Answer What if I have children?

Your child care provider must complete a Child Care Form and indicate the parent portion of your child care fees. You can be awarded money for your child care fees if your child attends an approved child care facility or family day home. This money will be included with your monthly living allowance cheque and it is your responsibility to pay those fees directly to your child care provider.

Show Answer How do I choose a reference?

When choosing a reference, ask someone who knows you well enough to identify the strengths that you will bring to your schooling. Maybe your employer has seen the way you carry out your duties responsibly, or how you often offer ideas to help improve things. Perhaps you have a mentor who has seen some significant growth in your maturity or character and can really vouch for you in this next step you are taking. Choose someone who is interested in your future and wants to see you succeed.

Show Answer What schools are eligible for funding?

Advancing Futures funds students to attend on-campus post-secondary programs in Alberta. You may be funded to complete academic upgrading or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) at an adult learning institution if it is a requirement for you to enter a post-secondary program. The bursary does not fund Masters degrees or Doctoral programs.

Show Answer What if I want to apply to more than one school?

You must complete two separate Advancing Futures bursary applications. Funding will not be approved until you can provide proof of acceptance to your school.

Show Answer When and where will I receive the funds from my Advancing Futures bursary award if I am eligible for funding?

Tuition and mandatory school fees: A sponsorship agreement will be established with the school you are enrolled at stating that your bursary will cover your tuition and mandatory school fees for the academic term(s). Your school will invoice Advancing Futures.

Mandatory books: An account will be created for you at your school’s bookstore. Book allowances may not be used to purchase supplies because supply costs are included in your monthly living allowance.

Living expenses: Your monthly living allowance payment will be directly deposited in your bank account five to seven days before the first day of each month. If you are not set up for direct deposit, your monthly living allowance cheque can be picked up at your school approximately two banking days before the end of each month. The living allowance payment you receive at the end of each month is for the next month of study. Your January cheque is prepared early so that you receive your cheque before Christmas. Remember to budget accordingly!

Your funding from the Advancing Futures bursary depends on your continued enrollment, your marks, attendance at school and whether you are receiving funding from other sources.

Show Answer Is Advancing Futures bursary funding taxable?

Yes. Educational expenses, as well as monthly living allowance are taxable. A T4A slip will be issued by the Advancing Futures bursary program for the amount of your bursary. All inquiries related to tax regulations should be addressed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Show Answer Since I applied for funding there have been changes to the information I provided on my application. What should I do?

As an Advancing Futures bursary applicant you are responsible for immediately advising the program of any changes including:

  • personal information (name, address, phone number);
  • financial information (including receiving additional or new sources of funding, or changes in number of dependant children); and/or
  • enrollment (from full-time to part-time status or if you withdraw from your course or program). For definitions of full-time and part-time enrollment consult with your school.

You must inform the Advancing Futures bursary program immediately of any of these changes by calling the program, at 780‑415‑0085 (for long distance, first dial 310‑0000) or by email.

Show Answer What is the Resiliency Survey?

All bursary students MUST complete an online resiliency survey in order to be approved for a bursary and maintain good standing with the Youth Strategies Branch. Once you are conditionally approved, you will receive a letter providing the website link and a password for you to complete the survey. You will not be fully approved until you have completed it. During your time with AFB, you will have to complete similar surveys in order to track your personal progress. It is mandatory to do these online surveys.

The results of these surveys are confidential, but they are essential to both your success and the success of the bursary program. We will ask you about your strengths, supports and challenges. Over time, you will complete additional surveys to track your progress and positive changes in your life.

Your answers will assist us in shaping the bursary program over time to better meet the needs of all students.

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