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Advancing Futures Bursary

Did you know that the Advancing Futures Bursary Program provides up to $40,000 in education funding for former youth in care? An Advancing Futures Bursary Program Coordinator can also assist case workers and youth with the education portion of a transition plan. Learn more about other little known benefits about the bursary. The next application deadline is June 1.

Application Information

There are three annual application deadlines:

  • Apply by June 1 to begin studies anytime during the upcoming academic year (September to August)
  • Apply by October 1 to begin studies anytime between January and August of the following year.
  • Apply by February 1 to begin studies anytime between May and August of the same year.

Applications that are received after the above deadlines will be deferred to the next application period.

NOTE: Students who have not applied for funding through Advancing Futures before, and plan to attend a Specialized High School, are offered extended deadlines:

  • Apply by October 1 to begin studies in Fall term (of the same year).
  • Apply by February 1 to begin studies in Winter term (of the same year).

General Information

Advancing Futures is a post-secondary bursary program for youth aged 18 to 24 who have been in government care.

Youth are invited to apply for the Advancing Futures bursary if they are interested in:

  • obtaining their high school equivalency through adult education if it is a requirement for entry into a post-secondary program
  • earning a license or certificate
  • learning a trade
  • earning a diploma or degree from a post-secondary school

The program is open to full- or part-time students enrolled in an Alberta school. The program provides funding and support to youth in achieving their educational goals and assists them in obtaining meaningful employment.

In addition to addressing financial needs, Advancing Futures assists students in achieving success by supporting them through transitional challenges. These include transitioning into adulthood issues, learning everyday life skills, and how to be successful in school. Advancing Futures takes a strength-based approach to supporting youth. It recognizes the potential of students to reach their educational goals and overcome challenges they may face.

Please check our Eligibility Criteria page to see if you might be eligible! If you are not, please read about Alternative Sources of Funding.

Student Monthly Living Expenses Cheques

Advancing Futures commits to providing monthly living expense payments to students by the fifth last banking day of every month. To meet that deadline, Advancing Futures begins processing payments in the middle of the month. This way, by the fifth last banking day of the month, all students who are required to receive their monthly living expenses generally do.

As the living expense payment process is started in the middle of the month, there may be some months when a student may receive a monthly living expense payment earlier than the fifth last banking day of the month. If a student receives a payment early one month please note that this may not happen the next month. A student should not begin to rely on a monthly living expense payment being any earlier than the fifth last banking day of the month and should ensure that he/she is budgeting accordingly.

If a student has not received his or her monthly living expense payment by the fifth last banking day of each month please have them contact their coordinator directly.

Contact Information

Advancing Futures bursary program has five Program Coordinators, who are each responsible for a specific group of institutions. The division of institutions is as follows:

  • Ashley Hanson supports students attending MacEwan University, Concordia University of Edmonton, The King’s University and University of Alberta.
  • Amanda Harnaha supports students attending Norquest, Edmonton-based institutions offering cosmetology programs, and Specialized High Schools in Edmonton (Boyle Street Education Centre, Braemar, Centre High, and Inner City High School), and all students north of Edmonton.
  • Kathryn McInroy supports students at all other institutions in Edmonton, as well as all students attending out-of-province institutions.
  • Tiffany Clarke supports all students attending any post-secondary institution in Calgary, except for Bow Valley College and institutions offering cosmetology programs, and students attending any institution in Central Alberta.
  • Jessie Glisic supports students attending any institution south of Olds, as well as Bow Valley College, Calgary-based institutions offering cosmetology programs, and Specialized High Schools in Calgary (Chinook Learning, Discovering Choices, and Louise Dean).

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Scholarship

To commemorate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Visit to Alberta in July 2011, the Government of Alberta established the $50,000 Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Scholarship. Are you eligible to receive one of these scholarships? Please see the Duke and Duchess application form for more information.

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