Status of Women

Leads the Government’s work to improve gender equality in Alberta.

Minister Stephanie McLean

Minister Stephanie McLean
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Status of Women is still in the process of setting up.

Two programs have moved to the ministry:

  • Women’s Equality and Advancement from Human Services
  • Women in Leadership – this program helps to increase women’s leadership in the Government of Alberta

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Women on Boards

There is growing recognition that the representation of women in corporate leadership not only improves economic outcomes for women, but is critical to the growth and competitiveness of our economy. Yet, women’s representation on corporate boards currently sits at 14.5 per cent in Canada.

The Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers Responsible for the Status of Women released a booklet, The Business Case for Women on Boards that presents evidence for the benefits to companies, women, the economy and society when women’s leadership is increased. Produced in collaboration with the Conference Board of Canada, the booklet offers tips and advice to companies seeking to increase women’s representation on their boards of directors.


  • Women’s Organizations of Alberta (WOA) Directory
    The WOA Directory lists Alberta organizations providing services and programs for women.
  • Alberta Labour Force Profiles – Women 2012
  • Important Days of the Year
    There are a number of special awareness dates that are of particular significance to women and provide an opportunity for all Albertans to learn about women’s equality, statistics, struggles and achievements and gain awareness on women’s issues.
  • Violence Against Women
    Measuring Violence Against Women report summarizes what is currently known about violence against women in Canada, and highlights areas where further research and data collection is needed.
  • Aboriginal Women and Violence
    Violence against women in Canada continues to be a critical issue, which can be compounded for Aboriginal women. It is important to understand Aboriginal women’s experiences of abuse, to better understand the extent of violence against Aboriginal women and the context in which it occurs.
  • An Exploration of Promising Practices in Response to Human Trafficking in Canada
    This report was commissioned by the Government of Manitoba on behalf of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial forum of senior officials responsible for the Status of Women committee. Its purpose is to identify practices that can help the efforts of Canadian organizations to prevent human trafficking and support those affected by it.
  • Persons Case Scholarship
    The Persons Case Scholarships are intended for students whose studies will ultimately contribute to the advancement of women, or who are studying in fields where members of their gender are traditionally few in number.
    From the Government of Canada – Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case
  • Status of Women Canada
    A federal government organization that supports women participation in all aspects of life whether that be economic, social and/or democratic. They’re launching a Call for Proposals for projects that open doors for economic opportunity for women. Apply by May 31, 2013.
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