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Service Dogs Act

Individuals with disabilities who are accompanied by qualified service dogs must be allowed access to any location where the general public is allowed.

The Service Dogs Act complements the Blind Persons’ Rights Act by providing Albertans with disabilities who use qualified service dogs the right of access to public places.

Read What should I do if I meet a service dog team fact sheet (PDF) (314 KB)


The Service Dogs Act includes fines for violations, which range from $300 for falsely claiming to be a disabled person to obtain protection under the Act, or for refusing to return a qualified service dog identification card when required to do so. Discriminating against a person lawfully using a qualified service dog can result in a maximum fine of $3,000.

Service dog qualifications

To be a qualified service dog under the Service Dogs Act, the dog must have:

  1. Graduated from a program that is accredited by Assistance Dogs International (ADI); or,
  2. Completed a program delivered by an organization identified on the Ministry’s Qualified List; or,
  3. Passed a test administered by an organization identified on the Ministry’s Qualified List.

If you are speaking with a school or trainer about having a dog trained for you, please verify their ADI accreditation or Qualified List status as defined here prior to commencing training, or inquire at the number below if you need assistance with determining the status of an organization you are considering.

The Qualified List will available in November and will be an evolving document.

Draft standards

Draft standards have been developed based on ADI standards. These standards will be effective in August 2017. If you have feedback on these standards please send them to

Application forms for service dog team identification cards

Government of Alberta identification cards are available to users of qualified service dogs. The identification cards have an Alberta government logo and a picture of the individual and service dog. The card verifies the individual and the service dog are qualified for the purposes of the Service Dogs Act and have the right to access public places and other protection under the Act.

Sample identification card for service dog teams


Download application form

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