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Provincial Parent Advisory Committee (PPAC)

What is the Provincial Parent Advisory Committee (PPAC)?

PPAC is an advisory committee made up of parent and ministry representatives working to provide a voice for parents of children with disabilities whose families are receiving assistance from the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program. PPAC ensures that there are ongoing discussions between FSCD and families.

Who are PPAC members?

PPAC is made up of a parent from each of the Regional Parent Advisory Committees across the province, along with government representatives from the Disabilities, Inclusion and Accessibility Division responsible for the FSCD program.

What do PPAC members do?

PPAC members meet a maximum of six times per year to discuss and provide input on FSCD-related policies and procedures, and to ensure that FSCD legislation and supports continue to have a positive impact on families and their children with disabilities.

Current PPAC members

The following 12 Albertans are members of PPAC:

  • Stacey Andrews
  • Allison Pike
  • Jingyi (Julia) Qiu
  • Aura Willier
  • Katherine Germaine
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Diane Mitchell
  • Lisa Nicholson
  • Tania Rizwan
  • Laurel Sherret
  • Stella Varvis
  • Stephanie Walker
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