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PDD Service Plan

PDD works with individuals and their families on a planning process that will help to determine the person’s goals and what they need to achieve them. PDD staff will meet with the individual and their guardian/family, friends and others (this is the individual's "support team") to discuss the individual’s needs, goals, and the services available in their community that can be used to help them achieve these goals. Based on information gathered from the meeting, PDD staff will complete a PDD Outcome Plan.

Then, the individual, their guardian and PDD staff can share the PDD Outcome Plan with potential service providers and find a service provider that works for them.

When the individual starts to receive services, the service provider, along with the individual and their support team, will develop an Individual Support Plan (ISP). The ISP describes how the service provider can help the individual achieve their goals with the involvement of a variety of people, services and supports.

The individual’s support team and PDD staff will monitor the supports described in the Individual Support Plan to ensure that the supports are helping the individual to achieve their goals. If things aren't working well, PDD can work with the support team and service provider to help adjust the services to better meet the individual's needs.

Created: 2013-07-08
Modified: 2016-06-03
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