PDD Safety Standards Consultation

Between February 18 and March 14, 2016, more than 750 Albertans attended community forums and 1300 people filled out questionnaires to share their views about how to keep individuals with developmental disabilities safe in their homes, while respecting their rights and supporting them to be included in community.

Participants included Albertans with developmental disabilities, their families and guardians, service providers, health and safety professionals, landlords, and other stakeholders.

Consultation Summary Report: Phase One

The Consultation Team released the Phase One Consultation Summary Report. The Minister of Human Services accepted all three of the team’s recommendations to:

  1. Repeal the PDD Safety Standards Regulation in its entirety.
  2. Implement a coordinated approach across relevant ministries, including working with municipalities, to ensure clarity, consistency and alignment in, and implementation of, the repeal of the PDD Safety Standards Regulation.
  3. Extend the Consultation Team’s mandate to oversee Phase Two of the Safety Standards Consultation.

PDD Safety Standards Regulation Repealed

The Minister of Human Services repealed the PDD Safety Standards Regulation on March 31, 2016. The Regulation is no longer in effect. To learn more, read the:

Next Steps – Consultation Phase Two

In May 2016 – The Consultation Team will begin Phase Two of consultation with stakeholders – including individuals with developmental disabilities – to explore solutions on safety that support the personal choices, privacy, priorities and needs of the disability community. Stay tuned to this page for more information about Phase Two.

Safety Measures

During the consultation period, government has a number of measures available that will continue to support the safety of Albertans with developmental disabilities:

  • Service providers continue to have obligations under their contracts with Human Services to ensure safety, including the adherence to the Creating Excellence Together (CET) accreditation standards set out by the Alberta Council of Disability Services. The CET accreditation standards specify detailed safety obligations and procedures in the areas of: physical environment; equipment maintenance; risk management; medication assistance; and complaints and concerns.
  • Safety codes legislation (i.e. building/fire codes) will apply to homes of individuals receiving PDD services to a residential standard as opposed to the care standard. The care standard will still apply where an individual is detained or totally dependent on staff to evacuate in the event of a fire or emergency. Inspections will occur based on a referral, complaint or incident.
  • Alberta Health Services public health inspectors will cease proactive inspections under the PDD Regulation which has been repealed, but may conduct inspections to follow up on previous violations that fall under the Public Health Act. They may also inspect on receipt of complaints about certain types of housing as they would do for all Albertans.

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