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My Life Survey: the Personal Outcomes Index

The PDD program has been using the Personal Outcomes Index (POI) since 2011 to measure the personal outcomes of PDD services for adults with developmental disabilities who receive those services. The results are used for implementing continuous improvement strategies at the individual, agency, PDD Region and PDD program levels.

What do we mean by outcomes? Positive outcomes include things associated with well-being, like staying healthy and safe, and having enough money to meet your needs. They also include issues of independence, like having goals, being able to make your own choices, and having opportunities to learn and develop. And they include social issues, like having relationships with others, contributing to your community, and having others listen to you and respect you. We want to make sure PDD services are achieving those kinds of outcomes for people.

Measuring personal outcomes is one part of a larger Change Initiatives project that is creating a system to measure the overall effectiveness of the PDD program through a performance management framework. This will help us to monitor the effectiveness of our services and keep improving them.

My Life is the tool PDD is using to measure personal outcomes. It is a survey that is done by adults with developmental disabilities who have had training on how to do the survey. They ask other adults with developmental disabilities to answer some questions about their life experiences in eight domains that are indicative of quality of life. If the individual is unable to do the survey, a "proxy" survey is completed by two people who know the individual well.

To find out more about the PDD Personal Outcomes Index and the My Life survey, you can click on the links below or contact a PDD Regional or Provincial representative.

    Costs of using the POI:

    The annual costs for using the POI have decreased since 2011 as surveyors have been trained and the tool is being used more broadly. 

    Cost for POI from October 2011 – March 31, 2014:

    • Survey administration which includes hiring and training surveyors – $1,539,459.00
    • Survey data management and reporting – $322,450.00

    Cost for POI contracts from April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015:

    • Survey administration which includes hiring and training surveyors – $641,244.00
    • Survey data management and reporting – $172,250.00


    • For general questions about the My Life Personal Outcomes Index, contact the Provincial Coordinator, Gloria Wesley, at 780‑644‑4677, or

    Regional Contacts:

    • Northeast Region: Barb Holmberg @ 780-645-6208
    • Northwest Region: Cheryl Bjorklund @ 780-538-5612
    • Edmonton Region: Nicole Russo @ 780-427-9370
    • Central Region: Brian Reynolds @ 403-340-7987
    • Calgary Region: Yvonne Gaudet @ 403-355-4134
    • South Region: Nancy Morris @ 403-382-4274
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