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The Quality of Life Framework

The My Life: Personal Outcomes Index™ is one way for PDD to measure personal outcomes for the adults with developmental disabilities that PDD funds. It is a survey that profiles how individuals feel about their quality of life in eight different domains. The domains are grouped into three factors:

  • Well-being
emotional; material; physical
  • Independence
personal development; self-determination
  • Social Participation
interpersonal relations; social inclusion; rights


  • Contentment
  • Self-Concept
  • Financial Status
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Leisure
Personal Development
  • Education
  • Personal Skill
  • Competence
  • Performance
  • Autonomy & Personal Control
  • Goals & Personal Values
  • Choice
Interpersonal Relations
  • Interactions
  • Relationships
  • Supports
Social Inclusion
  • Community Integration & Participation
  • Community Roles
  • Social Supports
  • Human
  • Legal

Schalock, R.L. & Verdugo, M.A., 2002

DOMAIN descriptions

  • Emotional well being: happiness and safety, and how individuals feel about their life
  • Interpersonal relations: type of support and help individuals get, relationships with family and friends, and the types of activities that individuals do with people in their life
  • Social inclusion: the activities and things individuals do and would like to do in the community, the people individuals do things with and places they go in their community
  • Personal development: the things that individuals are interested in learning about, and things that they enjoy and are important to them
  • Self-determination: the choices and decisions individuals make about areas that matter to them in their life
  • Physical well-being: energy levels, being able to get medical help, health and lifestyle
  • Material well-being: personal possessions that are important to individuals, how much individuals can use money for things they want or need
  • Rights: individuals? right to privacy, how individuals are treated by people, how much individuals are listened to
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