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Fact Sheet for Individuals

PDD My Life: Personal Outcomes Index

Why is PDD using the My Life: Personal Outcomes Index™ survey?

PDD believes that to know how well we are doing we should ask the people who use our services: individuals with developmental disabilities. Understanding how individuals feel about their lives helps PDD and agencies figure out how they can do a better job in supporting people.


What is the My Life: Personal Outcomes Index™ survey?

The My Life: Personal Outcomes Index™ survey helps PDD to find out how individuals feel about their lives in eight areas:

  • Emotional well being: happiness and safety, and how individuals feel about their life
  • Interpersonal relations: type of support and help individuals get, time spent with family and friends, and the types of activities that individuals do with people in their life
  • Social inclusion: the activities and things individuals do and would like to do in the community, the people individuals do things with and places they go in their community
  • Personal development: the things that individuals are interested in learning about, and things that they enjoy and are important to them
  • Self-determination: the choices and decisions individuals make about things that matter to them in their life
  • Physical well-being: how much energy do individuals have, being able to get medical help, rest and diet
  • Material well-being: things that individuals own that are important to them, how much individuals can use money for things they want or need
  • Rights: individuals’ right to privacy, how individuals are treated by people, how much individuals are listened to


Who made the My Life: Personal Outcomes Index™ survey?

The survey took three years to make and was done with the help of individuals with developmental disabilities, families, service providers, experts in survey development and PDD Edmonton Region Community Board staff.


How will the My Life survey help individuals with developmental disabilities?

It provides an important way of helping the PDD program and service providers know how well they are doing in helping people achieve positive outcomes in their lives. The questions can also help individuals begin to think about different areas in their life and what they want to do.


Who is responsible for seeing that the My Life survey gets done?

If you agree to be surveyed, PDD, the service provider that provides you with supports and Gateway Association, a survey agency will make sure the survey is done.


Do I have to do the My Life survey?

No. It is your choice, either by yourself or with help from your guardian, to decide if you want to take part in the survey.


How is the survey completed?

The My Life: Personal Outcomes Index™ survey has been made so that as many individuals with developmental disabilities as possible can answer the questions.

For individuals who cannot answer the questions, two individuals that know them well will be invited to complete the survey for them.


Are there risks for choosing not to do the survey?

No. There is no risk if you decide not to do the survey.


Is the information kept private?

Yes, names are not written on the survey, so what you say stays private. PDD and the agency will not be able to see individual answers. The only people who will hear your answers are the people asking you the questions.

All survey answers from everyone who completes a survey are grouped together and put into a report for the agency and PDD.

Individuals can ask their agency if they want to see the final report that has everyone’s answers in it. The answers given in the survey will not affect the services individuals get now.


Why should individuals agree to do this survey?

This is an opportunity for individuals funded by PDD to tell us how they feel about many things that are not usually covered in other surveys. This will allow PDD and service providers to work together to make PDD supports better.


How are people picked to do the survey?

Names are picked from a list of all individuals served by each service provider.


Who will conduct the surveys?

People will be hired and trained to conduct the surveys. Some of these people will be people who have a developmental disability.


How long does it take to answer the survey?

It takes about half an hour to answer the questions.


Where can I find put more information about the My Life: Personal Outcomes Index™ survey?

If you have questions about the My Life: Personal Outcomes Index™ survey you can call your PDD coordinator or ask the staff at your agency.


Modified: 2012-09-25
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