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Approved Regional Service Providers

Accredited Supportive Living Services (ASLS)
Box 680
5012 - 54th Avenue
Grimshaw, Alberta T0H 1W0
Contact: Rilla Websdale, CEO
Phone: 780-332-4183
Fax: 780-332-1553


Grande Prairie: 780-539-0433
La Crete: 780-928-2802
High Level: 780-926-3694
Peace River: 780-624-3316
Fairview: 780-835-4005

Accredited Supportive Living Services Limited (ASLS) is an accredited agency serving the entire Northwest region with the head office in Grimshaw.

ASLS provides services through the following programs:

  • Residential Services provide support to individuals with multiple disabilities,
  • Independent Living Services (ILS) provide supports to individuals living in the community
  • The Family Support Program provides support and assistance to families who have a child with a disability.


Blue Heron Support Services Association (BHSSA)
Box 4238
5123 50 Avenue
Barrhead, AB T7N 1A2
Contact: Diane Magill, CEO/Executive Director
Phone: 780-674-4944
Fax: 780-674-6294

Blue Heron Support Services Association (B.H.S.S.A), established in 1989, provides support to individuals with a variety of disabilities. Over the last 21 years BHSSA has experienced tremendous growth: what once was a small - local organization, has branched out to provide services in Alberta Beach, Onoway, Westlock, Mayerthorpe, Neerlandia, Whitecourt and Fort McMurray regions. Through our growth and development we are now one of Barrhead's largest employers with approximately 150 staff and an additional 20 contractors. BHSSA is currently providing services to more than 75 individuals locally and another 120 individuals throughout the region.


Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Northwest Region 1995
9713 100 Avenue
Grande Prairie AB T8V 0T5
Contact: Debra Stoner, Executive Director
Phone: 780-533-3155

Mission: To promote mental health for individuals and the community.

We Value: Providing knowledge and cooperation about mental health issues to our communities while maintaining a high level of compassion, credibility and will act with integrity within our organization.

Vision: Providing resources to foster communities of mentally healthy people.

CMHA Alberta Northwest Region offers a comprehensive range of mental health services to support the local community.


Community Life Acceptance Independence Resources Inc. (CLAIR Inc.)
P.O. Box 22248, Southview
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 6X1
Contact: Brenda Prince, Manager
Phone: 780-532-3340
Fax: 780-532-3496

Homes that reflect who you are - CLAIR Inc. has remarkable staff to support you in your home.

We believe in having real homes. We recognize that you are a valued person with dreams and goals. Our staff are trained to assist you in achieving your vision for the future.

CLAIR Inc. will focus on your gifts and support you as an active participant in the community.


Falher Friendship Corner Association (FFCA)
Box 453
Falher, AB TOH 1MO
Contact: Carol Boucher
Phone: 780-837-2153
Fax: 780-837-2254

The Falher Friendship Corner Association provides services to persons with developmental disabilities who need assistance in various areas of their life, and offer support for individuals to attain their goals of independence. Services offered are:

Community Living Support Services: Offers a residential setting for individuals to learn skills in daily living, such as: cooking, budgeting, social and recreational outings and other related skills.

Employment Support Services: Offers a vocational setting environment for individuals to learn work related skills, and to find employment opportunities: such skills as working with the public, improving work relationships, and employment duties are taught.

Individual Support Services: Offers support in both vocational and/or daily living skills to individuals who reside independently, with one to one staffing.

Respite Support Services: Offers support services to families caring for individuals with disabilities requiring staffing on an interim basis.


Goodwill Industries of Alberta
10940 - 100 Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7G5
Phone: 780-402-6348
Fax: 780-402-6372
Contact: Sarah Christie-Wurz, Community Employment Program Manager

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that provides support, training, volunteer opportunities and employment services for individuals with disabilities and other barriers.


Independent Counselling Enterprises (ICE)
#202, 11402 - 100th Street,
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2N5
Contact: Corinna Anderson
Phone: 780-402-8556 ext 1
Fax: 780-402-3969

ICE provides a comprehensive range of community-based services to both individuals and their families. Our objective is to ensure our individuals continue to live in the community and are able to enjoy the best quality of life.

The underlying goal of ICE's services is the promotion and maintenance of individual independence. To that end, we offer the following services: Crisis Intervention, Residential Living Services, Staff Training, Therapeutic/Recreational Youth work, Individually Contracted Funding, Employment Projects, and Program Consulting.


Marigold Enterprises Rehabilitation Service
Box 2207
4724 - 53 Avenue
High Prairie, AB TOG 1EO
Contact: Donna Geertsma
Phone: 780-523-4588
Fax: 780-523-5350


McMan Youth, Family & Community Services Association
Bldg A, 10113 - 103 Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 1C2
Contact: Heather Jones
Direct Line: 780-539-4987
Fax: 780-539-5070

Our Mission:

Flexible innovative programs designed to meet the changing and challenging interests, dreams, desires and needs of individuals with varying Abilities

What Do We Do:

  • Providing activities that encourage independence
  • Providing choices for individuals
  • Increasing the number of community activities individuals access
  • Helping individuals to enhance their status as they participate in activities
  • Enhancing Natural Supports
  • Working with challenges that have an impact on the person's life


Mountain Plains Community Services Society of the North
10122 – 102nd Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 1A1
Julie Matheson, Executive Director
Phone: 780-532-7170
Fax: 780-539-5455
Lynette Vetsch, Admin Assistant

Mountain Plains Community Services Society of the North is a non-profit, charitable society governed by a volunteer board of directors operating in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Our society has operated several community and family based programs in the Peace Country of Northwest Alberta for over thirty years. Currently we offer services in partnership with Alberta Health Services and Alberta Human Services. We operate residential group care, a community-based supported independent living program, residential parented model program, and a youth residential detox and stabilization program.

Mountain Plains CSSN is accredited by CARF Canada. Mountain Plains is a member of the Alberta Association of Services for Children and Families, as well as the Children's Welfare League of Canada.


Northern Lights Ranch
Box 552
Hythe, AB TOH 2CO
Contact: Tiffany Skinner
Phone: 780-356-3761
Fax: 780-356-3743

Northern Lights Ranch is located on a farm setting just outside of Hythe, Alberta. We are set up to serve and support individuals with developmental disabilities, problem behaviours and/or brain injuries. Our aim is to provide these individuals with the opportunity to enjoy normal life experiences, to be involved in the community and to have meaningful work. The residents at Northern Lights Ranch are given the opportunity to be involved in and assist in every area of it's small farming operation. The Ranch raises pigs, sheep and chickens and they grow a large vegetable garden each year.

The Ranch frequents the community for many social outings and recreational events. The residents also are able to enjoy many camping trips throughout the summer. A healthy lifestyle is an important aspect of the Ranch. They promote daily walks and physical activities, healthy work, a well-balanced diet and plenty of fresh air.

Northern Lights Ranch hopes to assist it's residents in developing a healthy respect for themselves and for others.


Rehoboth Christian Ministries
107, 9405-100 Street
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4M9
Contact: Debra Janveau, Regional Director
Phone: 780-532-5611
Fax: 780-532-5642

Rehoboth conveys God’s love to persons with disabilities and their families by “making room” and helping them flourish through personal support, advocacy, and public education, and by providing that person with opportunities for personal growth and meaningful participation in society. Rehoboth Christian Ministries offers a full range of support programs to assist each individual in achieving a level of independence within his or her ability.


Signature Support Services
8702 - 113 Street
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 6K5
Contact: Darrin Stubbs, Executive Director
Phone: 780-532-8430
Fax: 780-532-5144

Signature Support Services exists to meet the individual needs and choices of persons with developmental disabilities through a range of community based residential, day program and employment services in the city of Grande Prairie and its immediate districts.


Vitalink Community Support Services (1823511 Alberta Ltd.)
10513 – 72nd Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8W 2P9
Contact: Loro Koski, Director
Phone: 780-978-5228


White Buffalo Healing Centre for Youth Ltd.
General Delivery
Kinuso, AB T0G 1K0
Contact: John McRee, Director
Phone: 780-775-2003
Fax: 780-775-2004


WJS Employment and Residential Services
Box 55
Slave Lake AB T0G 2A0
Contact: Elizabeth (Biddy) Courtorielle
Phone: 780-849-3200
Fax: 780-849-3206

WJS Employment and Residential Services provides community based residential, employment and vocational support to adults with developmental disabilities in Slave Lake and the surrounding area.


WJS Canada - Integrative Behaviour Support Services
WJS Provincial Office
10548 - 106 Street
Edmonton, AB T5H 2X6
Phone: 780-439-5087 ext 37
Fax: 780-431-2196
Contact: Danielle Newsome, Program Manager

Strengthening people and communities with innovative, individualized services.

WJS has been providing Behaviour Outreach Services (BOS) in Northwestern Alberta since 1988. We offer a short term, individualized service to adults with disabilities who are exhibiting behaviors of concern. Through consultation and training, the program assists families and agency personnel to help the individual develop alternate, socially valued behaviors.

Individual Consultation

Using interviews, data collection and observation, a comprehensive assessment is completed in collaboration with the individual, his/her family and/or caregivers, and appropriate professionals. Based on the assessment, a behaviour plan is designed by the behavior consultant, approved by the consulting psychologist, and reviewed with the individual and/or their guardian for informed consent. The consultant will then assist caregivers to apply the plan in a practical manner. The behavior consultant facilitates liaison among professionals and environments to maximize the strengths, abilities and resources of the individual and the community in which he/she lives.

Agency Consultation

As members of service provider Behavior Review Committees throughout the region, behavior consultants provide information to agency personnel to ensure the most positive behaviour supports and least restrictive interventions are utilized.


BOS provides in-service training and behavioural workshops for agency staff, families and caregivers throughout the region. In addition, BOS will coordinate training for identified needs by facilitators from out of the region.

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