Spring Celebration and Awards Night - 2013 Award Winners - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Spring Celebration and Awards Night - 2013 Award Winners

Person of the Year – 1 Award

Carole Boucher – Peace River

Photograph of Carole Boucher accepts her Person of the Year Award from board member Wil Porat.
Carole Boucher and PDD Northwest Board Member Wil Porat

The winner of the Person of the Year award is a woman from Peace River who has overcome many of life’s challenges and has shown how independent she really is. She has grown from a very shy, quiet lady to someone who is now outgoing, lively and confident. No matter where you may see her you will be greeted with a smile. She takes great pride in her accomplishments and is always willing to complete the tasks she is given. She has volunteered at the Peace River library for the past year, shelving returned materials. She also volunteers twice per week in the recreational therapy department at Sutherland Place in the hospital, working with the residents. This volunteer placement has been a part of her life for the past 12 years. Through this role, she has created many friendships and has gotten to know many new people. One of her responsibilities in this department is to plan birthday parties for the residents. She does this independently, remembering all of the steps she needs to do each time without staff helping her. She is also a valuable assistant with community outings, helping the residents get on and off the bus, assisting with shopping and keeping everyone on schedule.

In her spare time, Carole has hosted a number of cooking classes for her peers at ASLS, assisting them to learn how to cook new things.

Individual Leadership Award – 1 Award

Sonny Sanders – DeBolt

Photograph of Sonny Sanders, winner of the Individual Leadership Award, poses with board member Dianne Wearden.
Sonny Sanders and PDD Northwest Board Member Dianne Wearden

The winner of the Individual leadership Award is a very bubbly, outgoing young man who is well known in his community of Grande Prairie and DeBolt for his natural ability to spread his caring attitude to those around him. He inspires others through his volunteering and generosity and many people consider him a very special missionary spreading the word of God. He volunteers regularly with support from Goodwill at five local churches, vacuuming, shredding and folding church bulletins. He also does recycling at Peace Wapiti Academy, which allows him to stay connected with his teachers that have known him for many years. Throughout the year, this young man spends hundreds of hours making art and personalized greeting cards. He really enjoys this work, especially if someone he cares about is working right beside him. This past year, he had an opportunity to display his artwork in his home town of DeBolt. His mom, Debbie, was pleased to help him with his presentation to the community and continues to be a strong advocate for her son each day.

Community Citizenship Award – 2 Awards

Redrock Camp Inc. – Grande Prairie

Photograph of Redrock Camp Inc. staff accept the Community Citizenship Award with board member Lois Johnson.
Redrock Camp Inc. and PDD Northwest Board Member Lois Johnson

Redrock Camp Inc. moved in next door to Signature Support Services, and upon hearing about their employment program they immediately wanted to create a position for an individual with a developmental disability.

Redrock has taken a very person-centered approach to supporting, guiding and including the individual they hired. The new employee initially started out working one shift a week, and they were so impressed that he now works three days per week and continues to be very happy with his employment.

All the staff has really contributed to the building of the individual’s self-esteem and confidence. This employment team considers the individual they hired to be a part of the team, and he is always invited to their pizza parties, bowling, paintball and back yard fire pits, just to name a few.

Redrock now employs another individual to help out with the pick-up of their shredding and recycling once per week. This business is very accepting and supporting, and is very deserving of the Community Citizenship Award.

Kim Byard – Grimshaw

Photograph of Morgan Maggs accepts the Community Citizenship Award for Kim Byard with board member Norma Llewellyn.
Kim Byard – accepting the award for Kim is Morgan Maggs, and PDD Northwest Board Member Norma Llewellyn

This award winner, from the Grimshaw area, has taken it upon herself to introduce the opportunity of working in an environment where the jobs can be adapted for those who have limitations. She encourages independence, giving individuals the opportunity to develop more skills and confidence, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in their quest to become part of the community.

She gives up her own time to support people with disabilities, which is just one way that she is able to show what a truly caring person she is. She goes out of her way to make sure individuals in her work place have the support they need to carry on with daily life.

Through her commitment in helping those people around her with developmental disabilities, other members of the community have seen the advantage of being adaptable and supportive. Inclusion in the community is what we all strive for, and this woman has certainly been a huge part of making that happen for several members of the Grimshaw community.

Community Disability Service Sector Leadership Award – 2 Awards

Sandee Watson – Grande Prairie

Photograph of Sandee Watson accepts her Community Disability Service Sector Leadership Award from board member Jen Laderoute.
Sandee Watson and PDD Northwest Board Member Jen Laderoute

This inspiring woman began as the sole instructor at the Eastlink Centre offering one-on-one swimming instruction, called the TAP (Tailored Aquatics Program), to individuals with special needs.

This program has grown so popular that there are now additional instructors helping in the program, as she also started an aquasize class designed for people with physical disabilities. She goes above and beyond reorganizing schedules to ensure the needs are accommodated for people accessing the TAP program.

Sandee is a leader in inclusion and best practice, and is very focused on person-centered services. A great example of this was her individual effort to help address the issues surrounding accessibility at the new Eastlink Centre facility. It is her goal of seeing individuals challenged and successful that has made this unique program what it is today.

She demonstrates that people should strive to learn and grow no matter what their disability, age or limitations are – this is what makes her a true inspiration in the service sector.

Denise Weber – Berwyn

Photograph of Denise Weber accepts her Community Disability Service Sector Leadership Award from board member Wil Porat.
Denise Weber and PDD Northwest Board Member Wil Porat

Our second award for the Community Disability Service Sector Leadership Award goes to a resident of Berwyn who has shown great leadership in the work that she does. She ensures that the people who share the home where she works are truly connected to the community and each work towards their own individual outcomes.

Each individual is given the experience to grow and learn and become confident in managing their daily living with support. She is a true leader in the implementation of positive growth for everyone she supports. Because of her hard work, individuals are very much a part of their community, participating in local events such as parades, festivals, concerts and many other social functions.

Knowing how important person-centered thinking is to create and maintain a healthful and meaningful life for individuals, this woman has embraced the concept and truly been a part of the process from the start. She works hard at ensuring all staff who work in the home are supporting individuals in this approach.

Family Leadership Award – 1 Award

Colin and Gail Herman – Slave Lake

Photograph of Colin and Gail Herman accept the Family Leadership Award  with board member Dianne Wearden.
Colin & Gail Herman and PDD Northwest Board Member Dianne Wearden

The winner of the Family Leadership Award has been involved with Persons with Developmental Disabilities for many years, creating an outstanding Family Managed Support program for their son Chad. Chad had some difficulty receiving support services in the past and adjusting to the small community of Slave Lake where there are not a lot of options for support. Chad’s parents decided to try out the Family Managed program for him, in order to keep him living in his community where he had access to his family and other natural supports.

The program that is in place for Chad is excellent. Policies and procedures have been developed for the program so that staff understand what their expectations are and that Chad’s program is consistent. The family has also met with the neighbors to ensure that everyone in the community knows Chad. This allows the community to work together to support Chad, and because of this, he is successful.

This family has devoted a lot of their free time to ensure that their son has a consistent program with professional staff. As a result of this hard work, Chad is learning how to contribute to his community in a positive way, working at a local hotel and feeling valued as an employee. His family and staff are there to make his employment as stress-free as possible, and regularly meet with his employer to ensure things are going smoothly.

Chad participates in many community activities and enjoys being a part of the action. His parents have made sure that he can live in Slave Lake with support and learn to be as independent as possible in his own home.

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