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Family Managed Services - Success Story

One family's experience with Family Managed Services (FMS)

We have been doing Family Managed Services since around 1995. My sons had finished school and we were really unsure about how we could support them. Our PDD regional staff told us about the hiring of our own staff; this sounded like the option for us.

We liked the idea of having our sons live at home and hiring their staff directly. We have had great staff! We can see the interaction of the staff with my sons and we feel very comfortable with the staff, their abilities and relationships with my sons. My husband felt caring for our sons was our job, having staff that we directly hire has helped us let go--- a little. This is a good option for people who don’t have a lot of extended family. My sons have a lot of people in their lives that care very much for them.

The supports we are able to provide include home living skills, employment supports and community access... My son is learning to cook dinner for himself and sometimes he even cooks dinner for the whole family. My sons have paid jobs in the community. I have found staff that share similar interests and have helped the boys find exciting work in the community. My sons are able to go out in the community and make their own friends.

Once a year, with other families who have Family Managed Services, we like to host a big BBQ as a thank you and a networking opportunity for everyone in our lives.

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