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Is Family Managed Services (FMS) Right For You?

The Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program has two ways to fund supports for adults with developmental disabilities. The PDD program can provide funding through a Service Provider Agreement and/or a Family Managed Service Agreement.

What is FMS and how does it work?

In a Family Managed Service Agreement, an individual with a developmental disability, their family, or a close friend, can directly hire staff and/or hire a service provider that has been approved by the PDD program.

What are the benefits of choosing FMS?

More Flexibility: FMS allows an individual with a developmental disability, their family, or a close friend to choose what will work best.
More Control: Through FMS, the individual with a developmental disability and their family have more say in the supports that are provided.

What types of services are funded?

Services funded by the PDD program include:

  • Home Living Supports - to assist individuals in their home environment.
  • Employment Supports - to train, educate, and support individuals to gain and maintain paid employment.
  • Community Access Supports - to promote community access and participation.

The amount and type of services you can purchase with PDD funding are based on the assessed support needs of the individual with a developmental disability and are identified in their Individual Service Agreement.

Can I switch from an approved service provider to Family Managed Services?

Yes. You can switch from an approved service provider to FMS at any time. You can also switch back. The type and amount of support would be reviewed each time, and the funding level may change.

Can I choose more than one funding option?

Yes you can. You can choose to use FMS alone or to combine FMS with a Service Provider Agreement.

Here are some ways to use FMS:

  • Hire staff to provide respite care only.
  • Hire staff to provide all the supports.
  • Hire service providers to provide all the supports.
  • Hire staff to provide specific supports only (e.g. employment).

Can I hire an approved service provider?

Yes. You can use FMS funding to hire and manage your own staff and/or to purchase staffing supports from one or more approved service providers. The service provider(s) must also agree to enter into an agreement with you.

What are my responsibilities if I choose FMS?

If you choose FMS, you will work with your PDD regional staff to sign a contract called the Family Managed Service Agreement.

You will become a "Funds Administrator". A Funds Administrator accepts responsibility for hiring staff to provide supports. You will not be paid to do this.

These are some of the responsibilities of a Funds Administrator:

  • Planning: Consulting with the individual with a developmental disability
  • Hiring Staff: Hiring, training, and supervising staff and/or working with a service provider (if you choose to hire one)
  • Being an Employer: Following the Employment Standards Code and the Workers Compensation Act
  • Monitoring: Making sure your family member is getting good quality supports
  • Payroll: Paying for supports
  • Financial: Submitting invoices to your PDD Community Board
  • Record Keeping: Keeping business records

Does the PDD program cover administrative expenses for FMS?

The PDD program will reimburse you for approved expenses (e.g. banking fees) which are written into your Family Managed Service Agreement. PDD funding does not include payment for the time you spend planning and managing supports.

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