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Abuse Prevention and Reporting

What is Abuse?

Individuals with developmental disabilities have an increased risk of being taken advantage of or abused by others. Abuse occurs when a person acts in a way that causes harm or could potentially cause harm to another person. Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, exploitation, negligence or inappropriate use of restrictive procedures.

Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol

The PDD program has developed the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol to address both the prevention of abuse and the response to any form of maltreatment toward an individual supported by the PDD program. You can get a copy of the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol from your PDD regional staff or online:

The Family Managed Services (FMS) Administrator will ensure that the staff hired who are providing the supports understand their responsibilities relating to the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol. The FMS Administrator will provide a copy of the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol to the staff.

The PDD program requires providers, including families who manage their own supports, to have abuse prevention strategies in place. There are also certain procedures that must be followed when responding to allegations of abuse.

Focus on Prevention

The risk of abuse for everyone is reduced when we belong and are accepted as valued members of society. The best way to prevent abuse is to be included in regular community life as neighbours, co-workers, volunteers and friends.

Other key ways of preventing abuse include:

Want more information on Criminal Record Checks?

Talk to your PDD regional staff. See the fact sheet on Criminal Record Checks.

  • Have a clear understanding of the prevention component of the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol
  • Consider requiring a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check for potential employees
  • Ensure all staff are trained on the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol
  • Provide opportunities for staff to discuss abuse prevention, share learnings and identify challenges
  • Monitor how well staff promote strengthening of natural connections within the community
  • Ensure that your family member is aware of their rights and the outcomes of the supports that are intended to assist them to achieve a quality life in the community

Focus on Reporting

Under the PDD program, it is mandatory to report any incident of suspected abuse.

There are number of ways to report concerns or allegations of abuse:

  • Staff hired by a family can report to the family
  • A situation that may be potentially criminal should be reported to the police
  • Report any concerns about an individual with a developmental disability to your PDD Regional Office 

Responding to Allegations of Abuse

Once an allegation of abuse is received, there are certain responsibilities of the Funds Administrator:

  • Stop the abuse from happening
  • Ensure the safety and the rights of the individual affected
  • Contact police if the allegation is criminal in nature and cooperate with the police when they are conducting an investigation
  • Notify your PDD Regional Office within one working day of being notified of the allegation
  • If the family is conducting a review, provide a written report to the PDD program within 30 days of the allegation being reported

Have questions about abuse prevention?

Talk to your PDD regional staff about abuse prevention and reporting. They can help you understand all of this information.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

If you want more information or have any questions, talk to your PDD Regional staff:

  • PDD Northwest Region: 780-538-5115
  • PDD Northeast Region: 780-645-6417
  • PDD Edmonton Region: 780-427-2817
  • PDD Central Region: 403-340-5003
  • PDD Calgary Region: 403-297-5011
  • PDD South Region: 403-381-5777

To call toll-free from anywhere in the province, first dial 310-0000, then dial one of the above phone numbers.

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