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Emergency Preparedness

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The Michener Services Facility Emergency Response Plan was completed on June 16, 2006. Known as the FERP, it covers emergency preparedness, disaster response and business resumption for Michener Services and Youngstown Home. Think of it as "ready, respond and recover." To see a copy of the plan, click on the link below:

To see a condensed version of the plan, which distils a binder of information into a small handbook, click on the link below:

Michener Services recently took its disaster planning one step farther and created a Pandemic Preparedness Plan that outlines how the organization will respond to a global outbreak of deadly influenza. To see the plan, click the link below:

The plan is summarized in a handbook called Pandemic Response . You can view or download a copy by clicking Pandemic Response below. Links are also provided to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sheet and to several other documents available to Michener staff.

If you have reached this Web page during an actual emergency, you can get regular updates by calling the Michener Services Emergency Information Hotline at 1-877-PDD-MPDD (1-877-733-6733).

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