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Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Appeal Process

The Guide to the PDD Appeal Process provides a detailed description of the appeal process.

The PDD Appeal Process Brochure provides summary information on the appeal process.

 The Notice of Appeal form must be completed and submitted to the Appeals Secretariat.

Appeal questions and answers:

Show Answer Who can file an Appeal?

If you have either applied for PDD supports or have requested changes to the PDD supports you receive and are not happy with the decision that the PDD Region has made, you can file an appeal.

Show Answer What can be appealed?

All decisions made by a PDD Region that affect Albertans with developmental disabilities can be appealed except decisions that affect contractual arrangements with service providers such as:

  • A decision to enter into a contract with a service provider,
  • A decision to terminate a contract with a service provider, or
  • A decision to amend a contract with a service provider.

Show Answer How do I file an appeal?

When you receive a decision from a PDD Region, you will be advised of your right to appeal and will be provided with a Notice of Appeal form. The form must be completed and submitted to the Appeal Secretariat within 30 days.

You can contact the Appeal Secretariat at 780-427-2709 (call toll free by dialing 310-0000 before the number).

An extension of the 30 day time limit may be granted if there are apparent grounds for appeal and there is a compelling explanation for the delay in filing. Requests for an extension must be made to the Manager of the Appeal Secretariat.

Show Answer What happens once I file the appeal?

  1. Notice of Appeal is reviewed to ensure proper completion and to determine appeal eligibility
  2. On receipt of completed form you will be contacted by the Appeal Secretariat to discuss the issue.
  3. The matter may be referred for dispute resolution with the PDD Region or to another party for mediation
  4. If an appeal is not resolved within 45 days from the date that the Notice of Appeal was received by the Secretariat, then an appeal hearing will be scheduled. If the dispute is resolved through the PDD Region's dispute resolution process or mediation, then you can withdraw the Notice of Appeal and no further action will be taken.

Show Answer What happens at the appeal hearing?

Once a date and location for the appeal hearing has been set, an Appeal Panel is appointed to hearing the matter. The Appeal Panel consists of up to three individuals from the PDD Appeal Panel Members who have been appointed by the Minister. The PDD Region and the appellant will be asked to submit information about the dispute to the Appeal Secretariat prior to the hearing. This information will be provided to the panel members and all parties to review before the appeal hearing.

At the appeal hearing, the appellant and the PDD Region are each provided with an opportunity to present their case and to ask questions of each other. The Appeal Panel also is allowed to ask questions to ensure that they have a full understanding of the issue.

Once the hearing is over, the Appeal Panel will review the information they have received, both in writing before the hearing and verbally at the hearing, and will render a decision.

The decision of the Appeal Panel is written and sent to both parties, usually within one month of the hearing date. Decisions of the Appeal Panel are final.

For further information contact
PDD Appeals Secretariat, 780-427-2709,

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