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Blind Persons' Rights Act


The Blind Persons’ Rights Act recognizes the rights of Albertans who are blind, including individuals who use guide dogs. The Act permits blind Albertans accompanied by qualified guide dogs to access all public places in the province.


The Act includes fines for violations, which range from $250 for falsely using a white cane to $3,000 for discriminating against a guide dog team.

Fraud Awareness Fact Sheet

Guide Dog Qualifications

To be a qualified guide dog under the Act, the dog must be trained by a school that meets the qualifications of the International Guide Dog Federation.

Guide Dog Team Identification Cards

Government of Alberta identification cards are available to users of qualified guide dogs. The identification cards have an Alberta government logo and a picture of the individual and guide dog. The card verifies that the individual and the guide dog are qualified for the purposes of the Blind Persons’ Rights Act.

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Alberta Human Services

Administrator of the Blind Persons’ Rights Act
Phone: 780-427-9136 or, to call toll-free within Alberta dial 310-0000 followed by 780-427-9136

Modified: 2015-03-13
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