AISH Program Resources

Tip Sheets

The following AISH Tip Sheets provide an overview of the AISH program and the benefits available:

Printed copies of the tip sheets may also be accessed by contacting an AISH office.

AISH Legislation and Online Policy Manual

The Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act and Regulations may be accessed from the Queen’s Printer.

The AISH Online Policy Manual provides information about AISH program policy.

If you have questions about AISH policy, you can forward them to

Resources for Persons with Disabilities

Visit the Alberta Supports website for information about programs and services for persons with disabilities.

Alternative Communications

If you require AISH program information in an alternative format, please contact your AISH worker or the AISH office nearest to you.

Callers with TTY Deaf or Hard of Hearing Relay can reach Alberta government offices by dialing 780‑427‑9999 in Edmonton or 1‑800‑232‑7215 in other Alberta locations.

Modified: 2016-06-30
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