Commonly Used Forms

AISH Application Package:

To apply for AISH, complete and print BOTH of the following and mail or drop off BOTH forms to your nearest AISH office:

AISH Application (Note: Adobe Reader 8.0 or later is required to complete and save this document.)
Consent to Communicate/Disclose Information between AISH and CPP-D (streamlines application process by allowing AISH to check if you are eligible for CPP-D)

Additional application and eligibility information:

Other Forms

Application/Invoice for Funeral Expenses (for funeral home operators)
Canada Revenue Agency Consent (allows AISH to verify your financial eligibility directly through Canada Revenue Agency, so you do not have to send in your Notice of Assessment)
Consent to the Release of Information (general consent form)
Consent to the Release of Utility Information (allows AISH to determine your eligibility for emergency utility benefits)
Consent to Third Party Payment (allows AISH to pay a third party, such as a landlord, directly out of your benefits)
Direct Deposit Tip Sheet (explains direct deposit)
Direct Deposit Registration (allows AISH to deposit your benefits directly into your bank account)
Notice of Appeal (to request an appeal of an AISH decision)
Request for Estimate – CPP Death Benefit (for executor or next of kin)

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