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PDD Safety Standards Consultation

PDD Safety Standards Consultation Final Report

Supporting Safe and Inclusive Lives (plain language version), the final report from the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Safety Standards Consultation Team was submitted to the government for consideration. The report includes recommendations to government that support the safety and inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities. In addition, the Phase Two Consultation Summary Report (plain language version) is now available.

More than 2,000 Albertans, including individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, service providers and safety officials participated in the two phases of consultation.

The Government has committed to reviewing the report and engaging with the disability community over the coming months as solutions are considered.

This report will help guide the Government of Alberta’s actions to enable Albertans with developmental disabilities to live safely, inclusively, and with dignity at home and in their communities.

Government recognizes that it will take collective action to support safety and inclusion. This includes Human Services, Municipal Affairs, Health, and Advanced Education. Most importantly it means working with Albertans that are receiving supports and services from the PDD program and their family members or guardians.

The government will build on the good work of the Consultation Team in fostering trust and collaboration with individuals and their families and caregivers. This includes opportunities that will support purposeful dialogue. We will examine existing mechanisms as well as explore new models to strengthen the voices of individuals, their families and community members.

The application of safety codes has been of significant concern for many individuals and their families. We recognize the importance of the home and want to support individuals to be included in their communities. The Consultation Team recommended principles that reflect a respectful, inclusive approach to the interpretation and application of safety codes. These are the right principles that we should be working from. With these principles in mind, we will work with municipalities and the community to ensure the health and safety of Albertans.

Video message from Minister Sabir

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STANDATA Withdrawn – Safety Codes Act

Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee signed a Ministerial Order, effective December 30, 2016, to amend the Exemption Regulation under the Safety Codes Act so that residences of adults with developmental disabilities are not subject to care or treatment standards under the building and fire codes.

This decision supports the Consultation Team’s recommendation that residences of adults with developmental disabilities should be treated no different than any other home when interpreting and applying safety codes.

The August 2015 STANDATA is no longer in force or effect. Safety codes inspections will not occur in homes where adults with developmental disabilities live, unless there is a request, incident or complaint - as is the case with any other home in Alberta.

Minister Larivee and Minister Sabir’s letter explains details of the decision

Question and Answer document has more information for service providers, families/guardians and self-advocates.

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