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Regional Parent Advisory Committees

Want to be a voice for parents? Regional Parent Advisory Committees (RPACs) provide an opportunity for families of children with disabilities to have input into the ongoing direction of the FSCD program.

Regional Parent Advisory Committees:

  • provide a family perspective of how the FSCD legislation supports positive outcomes for families and their children with disabilities
  • provide ongoing input and feedback on FSCD policies, procedures, support and services
  • share information between families of children with disabilities and the FSCD program.

Any parent of a child with a disability who is receiving support through the FSCD program may apply to become a member of their local RPAC. Please contact your FSCD worker for more information.

Provincial Parent Advisory Committee (PPAC)

Regional Parent Advisory Committees send a representative from their region to participate on the Provincial Parent Advisory Committee (PPAC). The provincial committee is a group of parent and ministry representatives working to provide a voice for parents of children with disabilities. PPAC ensures that there are ongoing discussions between the FSCD program and families. Working with families in developing policies and practice helps ensure the services provided through FSCD meet the needs of families across the province.

When there is a need for a PPAC member from a region, recruitment will be undertaken involving at minimum, a notice will be posted on this site.

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