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Connect with Other Families

A variety of resources are available in Alberta for children with disabilities and their families, and there are many ways to connect with other parents for support and information.

Parent Support Groups – Voluntary, parent-led groups that provide social support, information and assist with advocacy. For information on support groups in your community, contact a Disability Association or a Parent Link Centre near you.

Parent Link Centres – Provide information and support for parents and caregivers about how to assist with a child’s learning, development and health, and may offer information regarding support groups for parents of a child with a disability.

An online Virtual Parent Link Centre provides information about becoming a parent, promoting a healthy pregnancy, locating and choosing child care, various health issues, communication, discipline, and child development.

Disability Associations – Not-for-profit organizations that represent the interests of children and adults with specific disabilities and their families by providing support with advocacy and information on disability-related services and support groups.

Created: 2013-01-07
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