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Specialized Services Document Checklist

If you are requesting specialized services, you will be asked to provide copies of the following documents from the heath professionals, school or the service providers working with your family and child within the past five years:

  • letters or reports about your child’s diagnosis
  • letters or reports from doctors or other health professionals involved with your child’s ongoing care, such as feeding clinic results, hearing and vision test results, medication trials, etc.
  • clinical assessments or progress reports such as speech and language or physical therapy assessments
  • your child’s current Individualized Program Plan (IPP) from school, as well as the previous years’ IPP (where applicable)

If you are already receiving specialized services and requesting continued services, the following documentation from your service provider is also required:

  • your updated Individual Service Plan (ISP) for the current year as well as the ISP from the previous year (where applicable)
  • the proposed ISP for the services being requested
  • assessment or progress summaries from the health professionals on your specialized services team.

Your FSCD worker may ask for clarification or request additional information, if the documents you have provided do not clearly describe your family’s needs or provide information that is inconsistent with the services that you are requesting.

Specialized Services Documentation - Parent Checklist

Created: 2013-01-07
Modified: 2013-02-06
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