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Service Providers

Show Answer What if I have problems with my agency / service provider?

Discuss your concerns with your service provider to make sure they understand your concerns and expectations. If you are not satisfied with your current service provider you may choose to change service providers. Your FSCD worker may also be able to assist you and your service provider in co-ordinating your services.

Show Answer What are my employer responsibilities? Do I need a business licence? Do I need to pay taxes? Do I need special insurance?

If you hire a private individual to provide services for your family and child, you may be considered an employer. The following resources may provide you with information related to employer responsibilities, licensing, payroll and taxes, or insurance: 

Canada Revenue Agency
As an employer, you would be legally obligated to comply with all relevant employment laws and be required to pay the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) directly on a monthly basis for Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, and personal income taxes for your employee. Funds provided in an FSCD agreement to pay for a service provider are inclusive of the amount required to provide employer portion of employee benefits and deductions, as required by law. The CRA will determine if an employer/employee relationship exists between a family and their caregiver. You are encouraged to contact CRA and request a ruling. The toll-free number for CRA is 1‑800‑959‑5525 or visit their website.

Alberta Employment Standards
Employment Standards oversees the legislation affecting working conditions and standards in Alberta relating to the hiring of employees. Families can access information about minimum wage, hours of work, vacation time and over time pay by calling toll-free at 310-0000 and asking for the Employment Standards Client Services Office.

Workers' Compensation Board - Alberta (WCB)
WCB is a disability insurance system set up to protect both the employer and their employees. Inquiries regarding the possible requirement to provide WCB coverage and what these requirements are should be directed to the WCB. Families have toll-free access from anywhere in the province by calling the Government Rite number at 310‑0000 and asking to be connected to the nearest WCB office, or visit their website.

Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
The Commission provides public information and assistance to help Albertans resolve human rights complaints. Call toll-free within Alberta by dialing 310‑0000, then entering the local number:

  • Northern Local Office Confidential Inquiry Line: 780‑427‑7661
  • Southern Local Office Confidential Inquiry Line: 403‑297‑6571

Financial and Payroll Responsibilities
To address the record keeping and/or payroll requirements of being an employer, some families may seek the advice and services of an accountant, a payroll service or with assistance of the Canada Revenue Agency staff may fulfill these responsibilities on their own. Some payroll services may be available online or by telephone. Information on Payroll responsibilities is available through the Canada Revenue Agency website or by telephone at 1‑800‑959‑5525.

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety
Information on Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety can be found on their website. This website provides information, guides and resources on Alberta occupational health and safety requirements for the workplace, and information on hiring employees. They can be reached toll-free at 1‑866‑415‑8690. The Business Link - Alberta Business Information Service can be reached toll-free at 1‑888‑576‑4444.

A family may want to contact their personal insurance agent or company regarding their homeowner policy and options for legal liability insurance, if employing a worker in the family home.

Legal Advice
Some families may wish to seek legal advice prior to or during the process of becoming established as an employer.

Show Answer How do I find a service provider?

Your FSCD worker can provide you with information regarding the service providers available in your area. Parents choose the service provider they want to work with their family and child. If you do not have an FSCD worker, contact your local FSCD office for information about the agencies or service providers in your area. Other sources of information regarding local service providers include:

  • The Internet;
  • Your local telephone directory; and
  • Local or provincial disability advocacy groups or associations.

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