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Show Answer How is funding provided / how will I be paid back for services I pay for up front?

You need to submit a Statement of Expenses form to your local FSCD office or submit your claims online using the Online Claims Reimbursement Portal. Your FSCD worker will provide you with the necessary information and forms, explain how to fill them out and advise you of what receipts are needed. The FSCD program will directly deposit the funds into your bank account.

You need to keep all of your invoices and supporting documentation for 10 years.  The FSCD Program will ask you to provide original receipts and Records of Services Provided by individuals hired for verification and audit purposes.

Show Answer How long does it take to be reimbursed?

Reimbursement will be processed and you will receive payment within 30 days of your local FSCD office receiving  your electronic invoice or Statement of Expenses forms.

Show Answer What if I can’t afford to pay for services and wait to be reimbursed?

You may arrange with your service provider to provide payment to them after you have been reimbursed by the FSCD program or you may submit your invoice to the FSCD program more frequently so you are reimbursed more often. As well, your services may be provided by a service provider who has a contract with the FSCD program, or who is a licensed business and they may invoice the FSCD program directly. Call your FSCD worker to discuss your situation and explore reimbursement options.

Show Answer Is there a maximum monthly or annual amount of funding for children with disabilities?

No, the FSCD program provides services based on each family's individual needs. You and your FSCD worker will identify the services and associated costs in your FSCD agreement after you have completed the Assessment of Needs and Support Planning process and developed your Individualized Family Support Plan. You will be reimbursed for the services you have used which are set out in your agreement with the FSCD program.

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