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Concerns Resolution

Show Answer What can I do if I disagree with a decision made by my FSCD worker? What can I do if I have a concern regarding the FSCD program/ FSCD policy/ my FSCD worker, etc?

Your FSCD worker and/or their supervisor will work with you to resolve any concerns that may arise. If you have a concern or disagree with a decision, talk to your FSCD worker. You may also contact an FSCD supervisor or the manager to discuss your concerns and how they can be resolved.

If your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, there are more formal concern resolution options available to you. You may request any one or all of these options:

  • Review of an FSCD Program Decision
  • Mediation
  • Appeal

Your FSCD worker can provide you with more information about these options and assist you in accessing whichever option(s) you choose. For more information on the Appeal Process, contact the Appeals Secretariat toll free by dialing 310‑0000, then 780‑422‑2775 or visit their website.

Show Answer What if I have already gone through an Appeal, but feel that I have been treated unfairly?

You may contact the Office of the Ombudsman toll-free by dialing 310‑0000, then 780‑427‑2756 (Edmonton) or 403‑297‑6185 (Calgary).

The Alberta Ombudsman responds to complaints of unfair treatment by authorities of the provincial government. The Ombudsman operates independently from any part of the Alberta government and reports directly to the Legislative Assembly. The Ombudsman does not investigate complaints until all rights of appeal are exhausted.

Complaints to the Ombudsman must be made in writing to:

Alberta Ombudsman
10303 Jasper Avenue NW, Suite 2800
Edmonton, AB T5J 5C3

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