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Who Receives Specialized Services?

Eligibility for specialized services is based on the individual needs of the family and their child.

Specialized services are provided to families when:

  • their child has a severe disability that is significantly limiting their ability to function in normal daily living activities
  • they need to provide continual and ongoing assistance and supervision to ensure their child’s safety and ability to participate in normal daily living activities
  • their child has critical service needs in two or more areas, including behaviours, communication and social skills, physical abilities, cognitive abilities, or self-help skills
  • their service needs can not be met by other programs or services, including other less intrusive FSCD services and
  • they need support to acquire specific skills and learn strategies to help promote their child’s development and participation in normal daily living activities.

The term “severe disability” refers to the degree to which the child is limited in their ability to function in normal daily living activities and the extra care demands this creates for their family.

Recognizing the importance of providing the right services at the right time, FSCD workers may need to consult with experts when making decisions about a family’s need for specialized services, and how specialized services may be most beneficial for a family of a child with a severe disability.

Created: 2012-12-10
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