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FSCD provides information and referrals, as well as family support and child-focused services to families of children with disabilities. To access any of these services, contact us.

Prior to accessing FSCD supports, families are encouraged to access the supports, services and resources already available to them. All other available resources must be utilized before the FSCD program will provide funding. Read more about other resources.

Information and Referral Support

Information and referral supports are available to all families, regardless of eligibility for the FSCD program, including:

  • Information about federal and provincial government programs and services, community supports and local resources 
  • Assistance obtaining and coordinating supports and services
  • Referral to community support and advocacy resources, such as parent support groups, disability associations or advocacy organizations
  • Information and support to empower parents to advocate for their child

Family Support Services

Family support services may be provided based on the family’s needs and circumstances, including:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Assistance with the cost of clothing and footwear needs related to the child’s disability
  • Assistance with the cost of attending medical appointments, such as parking, mileage, meals, accommodation and sibling care
  • Respite services

Child-Focused Services

Child-focused services are provided when a child’s disability significantly limits his or her ability to function in normal daily living activities, and are based on the child’s and family’s individually assessed needs. Child-focused services include:

  • A range of respite services
  • Assistance with extraordinary child care needs related to the child's disability
  • A range of aide supports
  • Assistance with some of the extraordinary costs for prescription drugs, prescribed formulas and diets, ambulance or medical supplies
  • Specialized services for children with severe disabilities, involving support and consultation from occupational or physical therapists, speech language pathologists, psychologists and aides
  • Temporary out-of-home living arrangements, if necessary, to support a child when all other alternatives for in-home supports have been explored.

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