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Assessment of Needs

What is an Assessment of Needs?

The Assessment of Needs is completed once eligibility for the FSCD program is confirmed.

The assessment of needs is a process that helps FSCD workers with gathering relevant information and working with families to understand their needs and priorities to help identify and provide the right services at the right time.

The assessment of needs is not a clinical assessment of the child’s diagnosis or disability, nor is it intended to question or validate the clinical assessment information provided by the family. 

The process involves the family through all the steps of the assessment, including identifying the care demands on parents, the strengths of the family, what resources are available and what supports FSCD may provide to assist the family in raising their child with a disability.

The FSCD worker may consult with professionals who have particular expertise to help understand your family’s and child’s needs, or to interpret the information that has been provided.

Created: 2012-12-07
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