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Determining Needs

How does the FSCD Program decide what services I will receive?

You and your FSCD worker will work together to identify your goals and priorities for your child and family, the supports and resources already available to you and the supports and services to help strengthen your family’s ability to promote your child’s development and participation in activities of daily living.

Recognizing that families are the primary source of care and support for children with disabilities, and the benefits of having strong, natural support networks for families and individuals with disabilities, FSCD services are intended to build upon the strengths, abilities and resources that families already have.

The FSCD program is voluntary and parents decide whether or not to use the supports and services FSCD offers.

  • Parents always remain guardians of their child.
  • Parents remain responsible for all the typical costs, care and other activities or obligations associated with raising their child.

FSCD services are provided based on the:

  • Family’s and child’s individual needs and circumstances
  • Strengths and abilities of the family
  • Family’s priorities and goals
  • Extraordinary care demands that a family experiences in caring for their child with a disability
  • Extraordinary costs that a family incurs related to their child’s disability
  • Needs identified that cannot be addressed by any other program, service or resource
  • Most cost-effective and appropriate options to address the identified service need
  • Other circumstances as relevant for a particular family.
Created: 2012-12-07
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