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Sole-Sourced Contract Disclosure

Government sole-sourced service contracts (Service Alberta)

Human Services is responsible for a range of social services, many of which are highly specialized and support clients with multiple and complex needs. In some cases, direct awarding of contracts is necessary for delivering essential programs and services to Albertans in a timely manner and preventing disruptions in service. For example, there is often a limited pool of vendors with the expertise required to provide specific services, such as specialized placements for children with complex needs. In cases where a child or youth is determined to be at imminent risk, steps must be taken immediately to identify an alternate placement. Geographical limitations also impact the number of service providers, particularly in rural communities.

The Human Services contracts contained within the sole source disclosure can be grouped into the following categories:

Contracted Service Categories

Assessment, Counselling & Treatment Services – these services help Albertans address addictions and challenging behaviours, get mental health supports, and provide care for medically fragile and abused children. They include psychiatric services, assessments (parenting, psychological, medical, and therapeutic), family and individual counselling, special diet services, and pediatric care for children in government care.

Career & Employment Services – these services help Albertans with a range of needs develop their skills and training to increase their success in getting and keeping meaningful employment. They include career counselling and job placement, skills development and apprenticeship training, and employment services for First Nations and Aboriginal people, older workers, immigrants, and people with disabilities.

Community-based living and supports – these services provide stability and support, and promote community involvement for Albertans who have a disability, who are in challenging family circumstances, or those fleeing family violence. They include residential, staffing, aides and community access supports for people with disabilities; supports for people living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, foster care and kinship care for children who cannot live safely with their parents; support services for Aboriginal children and families on and off reserve; and women’s shelters and outreach services for abused women.

Contracted support services – these professional services assist ministry staff in supporting Albertans to improve their lives. They include transportation services to attend appointments and supervised visits, and to participate in employment and community activities; drug and alcohol testing, interpreter services, medical consultation services, specialized training, and service quality assurance activities.

Cultural Services & Supports – these services help Aboriginal Albertans and new Canadians access supports that recognize and integrate their cultural preferences. They include Aboriginal focused training for Human Services staff, cross-cultural workshops, ceremonial events and cultural supports, and reunification supports for Metis families.

Early Childhood Development and Early Intervention – these services provide resources to enrich the lives of children and promote their development, support families to recognize and address early risk factors, and provide access to quality child care. They include Parent Link Centres, Aboriginal Headstart programs, community resource centres and after-school programs, child care centres and family day homes, including inclusive child care programming for children with disabilities.

Family and Caregiver Support – these services support Albertans to address crisis in their families, maintain safe relationships and access respite when caring for individuals with complex needs. They include parenting support and skill building, family mediation and dispute resolution, support to keep families together or to reunite families, supervised visitation for children to safely see their parents, family and individual counselling, respite supports for parents and caregivers, and adoption preparation training.

Group and Residential Care and Supports – these services provide safe and caring living environments to help Albertans in very difficult circumstances to get help, support and stability to meet their individual needs. They include community residential and therapeutic group homes for at-risk children and youth, secure placements and supports for individuals involved in the justice system, and specialized out-of-home placements and supports for people with needs that cannot be met in a family home environment.

Supports & Services for Youth – these services encourage and help young people in risky situations to access positive role models, make positive changes in their lives and become successful adults. They include youth resource centres and after-school youth programs, life skills assessments, mentoring, housing and independent living supports, and emergency shelters for homeless youth.

Modified: 2016-11-30
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