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Premier's Council Logo

Logo for Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

The logo for the Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities symbolizes the ultimate aim of the Council, which is to increase the status of Albertans with disabilities. The following is an explanation of each of the components of the logo.

Single Green Circle

Placed so that it symbolizes the elevated status of all consumers. The single circle portrays and affirms every consumer's individuality, rights and freedoms. Its vibrant colour suggests the life and vitality within each person.

"Map" of Alberta

The placid blue squares on the grid symbolize the structure and discipline inherent in government and other organizations affecting the lives of Albertans with disabilities.

Softened and Varying Shapes

This block of fifteen varying shapes represents the numbers and the unity of the Council, as well as members' individual qualities and strengths. The changing shapes show a transition from formal structures to an increasing focus on individual consumers.

Diagonal Colour Gradation

The shading from cool blues to vibrant green shows the transition from the necessary formality of government and other organizations to the Council's concentration on the individual, its primary concern.

Modified: 2012-09-17
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