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Recruitment Process

Recruitment and Appointment of Council Members

Individuals are recruited and appointed by the Government of Alberta and collectively constitute the Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (Council). Individuals appointed to the Council will be subject to the Council's Code of Conduct. Appointment of each member of the Council is for a term of up to three years. Re-appointments may occur, based on satisfactory performance and mutual agreement, for a second term of up to three years.

Appointments to the Council are established in the Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities Act and are as follows:

  • The Premier's Council shall consist of not more than 15 members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.
  • Not more than two of the members of the Council may be members of the Legislative Assembly.

The Council will have members who are able to represent the interests of a broad range of stakeholders. The position description outlines the skills, experience, knowledge and diversity that are required for membership on the Council.

Public Member

Members of the public are actively recruited when there are vacancies for Council positions. The position description includes the desired values, skills, abilities and personal attributes. The recruitment and selection process will be managed by the Human Resource branch of the department. The positions will be publicly advertised and all applicants will be screened against the requirements.

The selection process will include screening for conflict of interest and other considerations. Recommendations for appointment will be made to the Minister for consideration. The Minister will submit recommendations to the Premier for approval. The department will formalize appointments to the Council through an Order in Council.

Government Member

The Premier's Council has at least one member who is a member of the legislative assembly. This member provides a liaison between the Council and the government. When a vacancy for a government member occurs, the Minister will confer with the Premier to identify a Member of the Legislature to serve on the Council. The department will formalize the appointment through an Order in Council.

Council Position Descriptions

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