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Mandate and Roles

  1. Mandate and Accountability
  2. Recruitment, Appointment and Reappointment of Council Members
  3. Roles, Responsibilities and Duties of Council
  4. Communication between Council and Ministry
  5. Review of the Mandate and Roles Document

The Government of Alberta (GoA) is committed to engaging Albertans on how provincial policies and programs can best meet their needs. The GoA creates advisory boards as one of the means of hearing from citizens. The Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (Council) is one of these boards.

1. Mandate and Accountability

Council Mandate

Created under the Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities Act (1988) is an advisory agency accountable to the Premier through the Minister of Human Services (Minister). It is responsible for providing advice regarding equal opportunities for persons with disabilities to reach their full potential and to engage in the life of the Province. Council will act strategically to ensure that input from a disability perspective is provided to key government policies.
Council is established solely for the purpose of providing advice to the GoA, with no authority over budget or staff.

Council Accountability and Transparency

Council is accountable to the Premier through the Minister of Human Services. Council will comply with all legislation, regulations, policies and procedures related to its governance and operation.

Council members must act honestly, in good faith, leaving aside personal interests to advance the public interest and the mandate of the agency. The Council's Code of Conduct is developed in accordance with the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Framework and is administered by the Director of the Premier's Council Secretariat.

Council will prepare and provide for the Premier an Annual Report outlining Council's major activities, accomplishments and annual expenditures including Council remuneration. The Annual Report will be tabled in the Legislature before being posted on Council's website.

Copies of the Mandate and Roles document will be filed with the Minister of Human Services, the Agency Governance Secretariat and will also be available on Council's website.

Minister's Accountability

The Minister of Human Services is accountable to the Premier and the Legislature for the operation of Council.

2. Recruitment, Appointment and Reappointment of Council Members

Individuals are recruited and appointed by the Government of Alberta and collectively constitute "Council". Appointments to Council are established in the Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities Act.

Council uses a position description outlining desired competencies and a member demographic distribution chart for recruitment purposes. These are available on Council's website.

The recruitment and selection process is be managed by the Secretariat and the Human Resource branch of the Ministry. Vacant positions are publicly posted. A member of Council is included in the selection process. The names of the selected candidates are submitted to the Minister for the Premier's approval. Appointments are finalized through an Order in Council.

Appointment of each member of Council is for a term of up to threeyears. The Minister may reappoint for up to three additional years based on mutual agreement and the individual's demonstrated ability to assist Council to achieve its objectives and perform its functions. Council members' appointments are limited to a maximum of six years of continuous service. If the Minister considers it in the best interests of Council, he/she may reappoint the Chair of Council for an additional term not to exceed one year.

Members of Council are remunerated in accordance with the directions outlined in current Committee Remuneration Order and detailed in the Council Remuneration Policy document. They are also reimbursed for travel and living expenses in accordance with the current Subsistence and Travel Allowance Regulations.

Remuneration amounts are disclosed in the Annual Report posted on Council's website.

Council consists of not more than 15 members; not more than two may be members of the Legislative Assembly. A Chair and a Deputy Chair are appointed. The Deputy Chair is a member of the Legislative Assembly. Council selects a Vice-chair. The Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for the Council is an ex-officio member of Council.

Council may establish sub-committees that support the mandate of Council and are accountable to Council. Specific terms of reference for each sub-committee are developed and reviewed regularly.

3. Roles, Responsibilities and Duties of Council


Council works collaboratively and collectively in the following areas:

Providing Advice to Government:

  • Advises the Premier through the Minister, on issues and emerging trends that may impact persons with disabilities in Alberta and/or may impact the Government of Alberta.
  • Acts strategically, thinks broadly and is prepared to advise on issues and matters that align with GoA goals and priorities.
  • Is a resource for, and provides advice to, GoA departments, committees and working groups on topics of interest or concern to persons with disabilities.
  • Makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the advice provided is evidence-based and reflects current opinions and research.

Engaging Community and Stakeholders

  • Builds, maintains and promotes relationships with: organizations serving and representing persons with disabilities at the provincial level, community leaders including government Members of the Legislative Assembly, other provincial stakeholders, and persons with disabilities.
  • Ensures informed advice is provided, by engaging with stakeholders and the community to remain knowledgeable and remain up to date on different and differing perspectives on diverse disability issues.
  • Engages with other GoA agencies, boards or commissions working on issues that may impact persons with disabilities.

Planning and Evaluation

  • Council is responsible for developing and implementing a three year plan in alignment with the GoA's planning cycle taking into consideration goals and desired outcomes of GoA plans.
  • Council monitors throughout the year the progress made against the goals and targets established in the plan. Council regularly reviews the extent to which it has met the outcomes of the current year's plan.
  • In addition to the activities on Council's plan, the Minister may ask Council to provide advice on specific issues or identify additional opportunities for action.
  • Conducts an annual self-evaluation to determine Council's effectiveness in achieving its mandate and to promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Individual Council Members

Engage with their communities and networks to develop an informed opinion on issues that may impact people with disabilities in Alberta and will bring emerging issues or trends to the attention of Council. Duties are outlined in the Council Position Description.

The Chair of Council

The primary focus of the Chair of Council is to provide strategic leadership and guidance to Council in fulfilling its mandate. Duties are outlined in the Council Position Description.

The Vice-Chair of Council

In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair assumes the duties and responsibilities of the Chair.

The Deputy Chair of Council

Is a Member of the Legislative Assembly. The unique role of the Deputy Chair is to provide a liaison with government. He/she is primarily responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective relationship between Council and Caucus. He/she also regularly update the Minister on Council activities. Duties are outlined in the Council Position Description.

The Minister

Provides and confirms Council's mandate. He/she informs Council of Government policies and direction affecting the work of Council. He/she monitors the operations and performance of Council to ensure that it is fulfilling its mandate in compliance with Government policies.

At least every seven years, approves a review of Council's mandate and purpose to determine if the work of Council is still relevant to the needs of Albertans, if it is aligned with GoA priorities and if the operations and functions are being carried out in a manner that can achieve GoA objectives.

The Ministry

The Ministry of Human Services is responsible for supporting Council through a Secretariat. The role of the Secretariat is to ensure that the business of Council is efficiently and effectively conducted and is in alignment with its mandate and the expectations of the Minister.

The Secretariat is responsible for ensuring that Council has the support and resources it requires to undertake its associated tasks. Secretariat staff are GoA employees and are also expected to engage in other GoA work as assigned. They have a key role in promoting disability awareness in the Alberta Public Service and within the GoA.

The Secretariat is the primary contact between Council and the Ministry and assists Council in the following areas:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Completion of orientation and training of members
  • Budget and financial administration
  • Coordination of meetings.
  • Advice on government processes and protocols.

4. Communication between Council and Ministry

The Chair will meet at least twice yearly with the Minister and update him/her on the status of the current year's plan and other goals that have been achieved.

The Chair and Director of the Secretariat will develop and maintain a strong and effective working relationship. They will discuss Council's resource and support needs and work with Council to adjust plans in accordance with available resources and in light of any emerging issues. The Secretariat will be the primary liaison between Council and the Ministry.

The Deputy Chair and Chair will work closely together to ensure that the Deputy Chair can effectively share the work of Council with Caucus colleagues.

5. Review of the Mandate and Roles Document

The Mandate and Roles document will be in effect for not more than three years. Council and Secretariat will review it annually and revise as required. The Mandate and Roles document will be affirmed by the Minister and Chair when revisions are made, or on a change in either the Minister or Chair.

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