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Pre-Qualified Resource Lists

Human Services is transitioning to a Pre-Qualified Resource (PQR) process to develop provincial lists of qualified service providers for the following service categories:

  • services to individuals with disabilities
  • child and family services
  • transportation services
  • specialized assessments and consultation with health professionals

The PQR is a tool that provides open, fair and transparent access to qualified service providers. PQRs provide a clear picture of who Human Services contracts with to deliver the services and supports that Albertans need. The use of PQRs also aligns with the Alberta Government Procurement and Sole-Sourcing Policy.

PQRs are posted to the Alberta Purchasing Connection at various times. Service providers who meet minimum requirements as defined in each PQR become qualified service providers and are eligible for contracting work.

Qualified service providers will be made aware of divisional and regional contracting activities, as applicable, which may include:

  • requests for services
  • requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • limited requests for services based on specific service requirements
  • sole-source arrangements (where required)

PQR lists are valid for multiple years, which means that unless the requirements change, once a service provider is on the list, it will remain until the PQR term expires.

Information and Resources for Service Providers

Modified: 2017-07-27
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