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Corporate Services Division


PIB #:



Information and Privacy Office, Corporate Services Division

Information Maintained:

May include personal information of individuals making FOIP requests, requests for correction and/or third parties whose personal information may be found in the responsive records and/or third parties who were contacted by the FOIP Office to provide comments on the release of responsive records. Such personal information may include name, home and business contact information, description of information requested and/or reasons and evidence to correct personal information, copies of responsive records provided by various program areas.


Individuals who have submitted requests under the FOIP Act including individuals acting on behalf of an applicant, individuals who were contacted in regard to third party notices and Children Services’ employees who are authorized users of the FOIPNet application.


To automate the processing and document review of FOIP requests

Legal Authority:

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Modified: 2017-03-14
PID: 18487