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Stakeholders who work together to deliver social-based programs and services often require the same information about the Albertans they assist.

Fall 2011 consultations

During these consultations stakeholders assessed information sharing practices among themselves. They learned information is not always shared because:

  • multiple consent forms and different procedures and policies exist
  • rules are not easy to understand and not widely shared
  • relevant legislation is inconsistently applied
  • it can be unclear how to use sensitive information
  • there are fears of reprisal when making decisions to share information
  • information sharing training is inconsistent

When information is not shared effectively, it leads to inefficiencies such as:

  • less effective service delivery and client outcomes
  • agencies duplicating efforts, resulting in higher administrative and resource costs

Consultation participants

The fall 2011 consultations invited feedback from:

  • Alberta Government ministries that deliver programs and services in the human services sector
  • provincial, municipal and regional organizations such as Alberta Health Services, housing management bodies, Child and Family Services Authorities, Persons with Developmental Disabilities Boards, and school boards
  • community-based service agencies
  • representatives from collaborative initiatives between government and partner organizations including Success in School, Shelter Option Strategy and Children and Youth with Complex Needs, etc.
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