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2017 Inspiration Award Recipients - Calgary and southern Alberta

Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement

Milton Iwaasa, Coaldale
Citizens of southern Alberta’s rural communities are grateful for Milton’s leadership efforts in family violence prevention. Milton is a true example of building healthy relationships as a long term strategy to ending violence among all ages. During his 30 year career with Barons-Eureka-Warner Family and Community Support Services, he has been instrumental in initiating many innovative programs to reduce social isolation and build healthy relationships.  In November 2017, Milton wrapped up a tremendous professional career with his retirement and will leave behind a legacy of supporting families and preventing violence.

Business Leadership in Sexual Violence Prevention

Pattison Outdoor Advertising, Calgary
Pattison Outdoor Advertising in Calgary has stepped up as a business leader in sexual violence prevention as a media partner for the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services’ #IBelieveYou public awareness campaign. The campaign won a 2016 North American SABRE Award, for Superior Achievement in public relations. More survivors now feel safe to tell someone, report to the police, or reach out for counselling services.  Pattison Outdoor Advertising has helped to spread the message and has contributed to making Alberta’s communities healthier and safer for everyone.

Inspiration Award for Emerging Excellence for Youth aged 24 or younger - Leadership in Family Violence Prevention

John Wenlock, Claresholm
John Wenlock’s leadership in preventing family violence is inspirational. As the Youth of Tomorrow Teen Center Coordinator with FCSS Claresholm, he organizes programs for the youth to learn about fitness, health, hygiene, healthy relationships, positive behaviour, art, and volunteering. This group, comprised of mostly boys, are thriving with John’s leadership. In the spring of 2017, John received the Foothills Canada 150 Medal for his contributions and Volunteerism Award.

Individual Award Recipients - Leadership in Family Violence Prevention

Bela Gupta, Calgary
Bela Gupta has demonstrated her commitment to ending family violence at the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association as a family counsellor for over a decade. Leveraging her multicultural background, passion for women’s empowerment, and family inclusive practice, she has established herself as a leader in helping individuals and families dealing with family violence in the South Asian community. Notably, she spearheaded multiple men’s support groups to engage them in ending domestic violence.

Ravi Natt, Calgary
Ravi Natt is being recognized for her work to address barriers for immigrant families experiencing family violence. She was a founding member of Punjabi Community Health Services in 2014. By providing language and culturally appropriate social services within the South Asian community, she has enhanced access to social service supports for those affected by family violence and addiction.

Kim Ruse, Calgary
Kim Ruse, Executive Director of Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter has led the development of innovative violence prevention programs that help clients build skills to make healthy choices in their lives. In the community, she has developed a strong partnership with the Tsuu T’ina First Nation in their efforts to combat family violence within their community and enhance services to Indigenous people.

Lalita Singh, Calgary
Lalita Singh shows in her professional and volunteer experience that it takes working together to address family violence. She played a significant role in the creation of the Northeast Calgary domestic violence prevention collaborative, where more than 15 local resident groups are now implementing action plans on addressing family violence. In her volunteer time, she provides advice and mentorship to many ethnic and community organizations in building their own leadership and organizational capacities.

Group Award Recipients - Leadership in Family Violence Prevention

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Society, Calgary
Since 2009, Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Society in Calgary has been a leader in awareness and advocacy on family violence and domestic abuse. The Society organizes soup-making events with their volunteers to communicate directly with women’s emergency, second-stage shelters and youth serving agencies about family violence and the work of the agencies. The group’s youth programs also promote healthy relationships and encourage youth leadership to more than 300 Albertans.

Wheatland Crisis Society, Strathmore
Wheatland Crisis Society, which operates the Strathmore Shelter, has been dedicated to preventing family violence and making a positive contribution to their community for 25 years. The Society provides shelter, counselling, referrals, public education, and outreach to survivors of abuse regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, socioeconomic status, sexuality, marital status, or mental/physical ability. They are committed to a vision of a future where their community is free of violence and citizens are empowered to resolve conflict in peaceful and productive ways.

Group Award Recipients - Leadership in Sexual Violence Prevention

Amethyst Project, YWCA of Lethbridge and District
Amethyst Project is being recognized for their service to sexual violence survivors. Sexual Assault Advocates work out of the Lethbridge and District YWCA and provide services to victims of sexual violence at the local Alberta Health Services emergency room. The advocates improve care and confidence for patients by providing advice, options and counselling support. Since the project’s 2015 inception, the advocates have been greatly beneficial to patients, Sexual Assault Response Team physicians, hospital staff, and the whole community.

Calgary Police Service Sex Crimes Unit
The Sex Crimes Unit of the Calgary Police Service plays a leadership role in sexual violence prevention through their approach in investigating cases. Calgary is the first major Canadian city to implement the Philadelphia Model, a model of accountability for law enforcement to review unfounded and a random sampling of sexual assault cases. The efforts contribute to the prevention of sexual violence by helping build trust in the justice system, which can lead to higher reporting of sexual violence and more successful convictions for sexual crimes.

Sexual Violence Action Plan Committee, Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS)
In May of 2017, the committee launched Alberta’s first Sexual Violence Action Plan. The group oversaw an extensive literature review on sexual abuse primary prevention, sexual violence plans from around the world, and a research brief on the risk and protective factors of childhood sexual abuse. The committee’s vision for an Alberta free of sexual violence is a result of over 40 years of front line experience, research, and best practices addressing sexual violence in Alberta.

Group Award Recipient - Leadership in Prevention of Bullying

Founded by Dana Kerford, a teacher from Calgary, URSTRONG’s focus on bullying prevention has improved the social climate in schools, teaching kids a common language to confidently manage conflict and create a culture of respect and kindness. URSTRONG’s workshops and programs have now been adopted by over 110 schools in Alberta, as well as hundreds of other schools in Canada, United States, and Australia.

Individual Award Recipient - Leadership in Prevention of Child Abuse

Dr. Eden McCaffrey, Calgary
Dr. Eden McCaffrey’s dedication to child abuse prevention work demonstrates remarkable leadership. She provides assessment, therapy, consultation and education via her private practice, Ascend Services in Calgary, primarily in the area of child abuse prevention and treatment. She assists the Alberta legal system, provincial Child and Family Services and families by identifying persons who are at risk of child abuse through her assessments, speaking in court, advocating for children and providing parent interventions.

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