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Information Sharing Strategy (ISS) | How it works

The ISS ensures government and service partners can share information to make the best decisions for Albertans’ health, education and safety.

The ISS was established in November 2012 to ensure:

  • Alberta’s policies and legislation support information sharing among government and partners who work together for Albertans’ health, education and safety
  • everyone who shares information understands what can be shared and how to manage the information to respect Albertans’ privacy
  • there are processes, technology, resources and training to help individuals and organizations make information sharing decisions

How Albertans benefit

  • less duplication when gathering information about an Albertan’s needs
  • a common understanding about an Albertan’s situation
  • better decisions are made more quickly to achieve better outcomes for an Albertan

How the Children First Act supports ISS

The Children First Act (CFA) was passed in May 2013 to:

  • guide and support the right kind of information sharing between individuals and organizations that plan or provide critical programs and services for children
  • supplement the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Health Information Act by defining more situations when children’s information can be collected, used and disclosed

The Children First Act does not override other legislation.

It requires that children’s health care, program and service providers consider:

  • whether sharing information is in the best interests of the child
  • the type of information being shared
  • who is sharing the information
  • who is collecting and using the information
  • the purpose(s) for sharing the information
  • whether a child has expressly prohibited information from being shared
  • whether their organization’s other legal or legislative obligations affect their ability to collect, use or share information under the Children First Act.

How ISS supports other priorities

Other government priorities connected to the ISS include:

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