Great Kids Award 2017

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The call for nominations for the 2017 Great Kids Award are now open! Sixteen children and youth from around Alberta will be recognized at the 17th Annual Great Kids Awards. The ceremony is taking place on Sunday, April 30, 2017.

What is the Great Kids Award?

The Great Kids Award was first launched in 1999 to recognize children and youth who positively impacted their communities. Since its creation, 258 children and youth have been recognized. Alberta’s great kids deserve recognition because they are examples to all Albertans of what can be accomplished when also experiencing life’s challenges.

This year, the Great Kids Award highlights kids who have made positive contributions despite hardships. These include managing a physical or mental illness, standing up against bullying or overcoming other difficult life circumstances. These young people are recognized for going above and beyond for others and their communities.

How to nominate a Great Kid

Nominees must reside in Alberta and be between ages five and 18. To nominate one, fill out and submit a paper or online nomination form. Information you will need to provide with your nomination form includes:

  • Contact information for the nominee (including birthdate)
  • A one to two page letter from you (the nominator) describing why you think they deserve to win the Great Kids Award
  • Two additional letters (one page each) supporting your nomination, describing why that kid is a Great Kid!

Deadline for nominations is December 16, 2016.

Who can be a nominator? Any resident of Alberta can nominate a Great Kid – parents, teachers, coaches, pastors, social workers, neighbours...even peers!

Look around your out and celebrate the amazing young people we have in Alberta!

If you have questions, please read our FAQs. For other information, please contact the Great Kids Award Team by email or by phone at 780-422-2165.

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