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Contract Alignment Project

Minister Sabir’s Open Letter to PDD Service Providers - November 24, 2016

The ministry is committed to implementing open and transparent contracting processes that also meet obligations defined in trade agreements and align with the Alberta Government Procurement and Sole-Sourcing Policy.

This includes streamlining and aligning multiple contracting tools and practices into a fair, accountable, and integrated approach; and implementing strategies in support of more transparent services that will ultimately improve outcomes for Albertans. This new approach to contracting will be phased-in over the next few years.

To date, work on this project has included:

  • Developing common contract templates for use in 2016 so all Human Services program areas use  similar terms when contracting for similar services
  • Reviewing and aligning processes, including the appropriate use of grants and contracts, and a consistent process for monitoring and reporting
  • Identifying similar services offered by different ministry programs, and working on a process to contract these services in a more coordinated and streamlined manner
  • Implementing province-wide Pre-Qualified Resource (PQR) lists of service providers that have met qualifications for specific services and are considered eligible to provide those services through contractual arrangements.
  • Establishing a Procurement Advisory Table (PAT) to leverage the experience, ideas and influence of sector leaders on the design and implementation of future-state contracting strategies or approaches. Update letter to Service Providers from PAT (May 2016)

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