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Child Intervention Implementation Oversight Committee

An Implementation Oversight Committee (IOC) of professionals was appointed to prioritize responses to previous recommendations for improving the child intervention system. The committee used the final report from the child intervention roundtable to support its work.

Recommendations Update

In total, 24 recommendations were made by the Implementation Oversight Committee from April 2014 to February 2015. Human Services immediately began to assess and implement these recommendations.

  • 14 recommendations have been implemented by Human Services as of December 2016.
  • 9 recommendations are ongoing, as long-term actions are required to satisfy the intent of the recommendation which is more systemic in nature.
  • One recommendation is in progress and actions are underway to achieve the recommendation.

Want to know more? Read a status update on each IOC recommendation.

A status update on all recommendations received by Human Services including from the IOC and OYCA, is also available.

Committee Updates and Reports

The IOC was appointed following the Child Intervention Roundtable in 2014. Learn more about this roundtable.

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