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Independent and following her dreams

Photograph of VanessaFacing a difficult time in her life and recognizing the need to change her situation, Vanessa connected with an Aboriginal youth worker at the Youth Outreach TRAC program.

Vanessa and her worker developed a plan to assist her in addressing her housing, career aspirations and financial needs that would allow her to become independent as well as gain guardianship of her younger sibling.

Determined to create a better life for her and her sibling, Vanessa knew her journey required determination and commitment. She maintained regular contact with her worker and community agencies and was successful in establishing her independence and gaining guardianship of her sibling.

As Vanessa continues with her post-secondary studies as well as maintains close contact with her TRAC worker, she is proud of her accomplishments and the life she is building for her and her sibling. “I am very proud of where all my hard work has gotten me”, states Vanessa.

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Created: 2014-04-08
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