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Helping other newcomers adjust to life in Alberta

Photograph of SallyFor an immigrant, finding the first job is the hardest part of Canadian life, especially when language is a barrier. Being in an unfamiliar city and puzzled by where, what and how to find employment, Sally found the Working Together Program at Minerva Employment and Career Services.

Upon arriving to her new community in Alberta, Sally heard it would be challenging to find entry level positions. She was pleasantly surprised and grateful to learn that her career counselor was able to arrange an interview for an office clerk position at her first appointment…..and was successful in getting the job!

Sally continued to work on improving her English language and office skills as she continued to career ladder at her place of employment and other locations. Sally has now reached her career goal, working as a settlement worker for immigration services.

Sally defines her success by achievement of work/life balance, more life choices, amplified knowledge on Canadian culture, working with diversity, expanded hobbies and surrounding herself with interesting friends.

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Created: 2014-04-02
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