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Turning dreams into reality

Photograph of JonnyFor 3 years, Jonny, a 17 year old Mennonite was working at a greenhouse during the day and attending school in the evenings. Soon after attending the Bridging Youth to Success program through Alberta Job Corps, Jonny quickly recognized his dream job was to pursue a career as an electrician.

Jonny was provided with pre-employment training, including various safety courses as well as a work placement with an electrical company. The employer was so impressed with his work ethic and eagerness to learn, Jonny was hired upon completing his work placement and is continuing with his apprenticeship training as an electrician.

“I did not know where to start in life or how to get into the trades until I became a part of the program, it gave me a sense of direction,” Jonny stated.

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Created: 2014-04-02
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