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From unemployed to employee of the month

Photograph of HassanHassan had a difficult job search, but he never gave up. He joined his local Alberta Works Job Search Club and took casual work with the McMan Do Crew, but Hassan needed more regular, sustainable employment to start building the life that he wanted. His work with the Do Crew helped him stay afloat while he took a series of Alberta Works job search workshops and met with his Career and Employment Consultant for additional assistance and advice. He took English as a Second Language training through Being Human Services and McMan’s Choices For Change employment skills program. After 10 long months, Hassan’s hard work finally paid off. He secured a full-time position with a local hotel as a housekeeper. He was even recently recognized by the hotel as their February 2017 Employee of the Month.

“Being patient is good. Keep on smiling, because that helps to keep you healthy, which allows you to be successful at work. When you drop off your resume and you do not receive any calls, be patient. A day will come when they will call you and you will get a job.”

The employment and training services that helped Hassan are funded by the Government of Alberta
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