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Moving forward after tragedy

Photograph of DustyDusty faced obstacles with the passing of her infant son and a breakdown in her marriage. As a single parent, Dusty was determined to move forward and found work as a housekeeper and then a cashier. However, the demands of balancing parenting and work became too much for her and Dusty lost both jobs.

Struggling with low self-confidence and shyness, Dusty was able to maintain a cheerful and hopeful outlook and was determined to do better.

With assistance from an Alberta Works Career and Employment Consultant and local community supports, Dusty was able to access stable housing, childcare, and parenting supports while gaining coping skills, job search and planning skills.

Dusty successfully obtained a job in commercial cleaning and is now on the road to success. Dusty plans to upgrade her education in 2017 and enter training to become a Dental Assistant, a career that will support her and her son.

For more information about employment services and programs in Slave Lake, contact the Alberta Supports Centre at 780-849-7290 or toll free at 310-0000 or visit communitysocialservices.alberta.ca.

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